All About Vision's guide to coronavirus and your eyes includes articles on symptoms and safety measures, how COVID-19 has eye doctors switching to virtual visits how you can protect your eyes, look good online and even entertain your children while stuck at home.
bottle of prescription ivermectin to treat covid-19
Controversial Use of Ivermectin for Treatment of COVID-19

Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug, is being studied as a potential but controversial treatment of COVID-19. And side effects may affect vision.

coronavirus covid-19 vaccine
The COVID-19 Vaccine: Will It Affect Your Vision?

No evidence has surfaced of any widespread vision-related side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines.

child playing video games during covid lockdown
Chinese study connects home confinement during pandemic to rise in myopia among some children

A new study from China notes possible worsening of children’s vision from being cooped up during the coronavirus pandemic and regularly staring at digital screens.

woman annoyed with foggy glasses caused by mask wearing considering LASIK
Laser eye surgery on the rise due to COVID-19

Patients looking to ditch glasses that fog up due to masks are driving a boom in laser eye surgery during pandemic