"When wearing contacts, I always feel like something is in my eye."

Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and constant "lens awareness" could indicate a poorly fitting lens.

Lenses come in many combinations of diameter and curvature. If your lenses have the wrong diameter or base curve, you'll likely feel that something is always in your eye.

If the lenses are too flat, your eyelids will tend to dislodge them when you blink. The wrong size lenses can even cause an abrasion of your cornea. This is one reason why swapping colored contact lenses with friends is a bad idea.

Lens awareness also can result from lenses that have lipid or protein deposits on them. Lens deposits accumulate on contact lenses over time, even if you properly clean and care for your lenses.

Your doctor might recommend a change in contact lens solutions, or a switch to daily disposable lenses. It's also possible that a lens material or cleaning solution can be incompatible with your eyes or tears.

Read more about contact lens discomfort remedies.

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