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Does Cataract Surgery Cure Floaters?

Cataract surgery restores vision that has been diminished due to clouding of the eye's crystalline lens, which is located directly behind the pupil.

Because vitreous floaters occur in the posterior part of the eye (the vitreous body is located in the large cavity in the back of the eyeball, between the lens and the retina), removing a cataract and replacing it with a clear intraocular lens (IOL) will not diminish the appearance of vitreous floaters.

In fact, if you have vitreous floaters, the increased clarity of your vision after cataract surgery may make the floaters even a bit more visible.


If you see large spots and floaters, treatment may be possible.

Vitreous floaters are common. Most floaters are relatively small and are only a minor annoyance under certain lighting conditions.

If you are bothered by large vitreous floaters after cataract surgery, ask your eye doctor or cataract surgeon to refer you to an ophthalmologist who specializes in the treatment of floaters.

In some cases, a procedure called laser vitreolysis can safely and effectively remove large floaters that interfere with comfortable vision.

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