Glasses Types

Eyeglasses with photochromic lenses, progressive lenses or high-index lenses? It can be hard to sort through all of the options to find the right ones for you. Articles by our experts will help you find the best eyeglasses lenses for your needs.


Unhappy woman with eyeglasses
Eyeglasses problems: Troubleshooting new glasses problems

Are you unhappy with new glasses or have trouble getting used to them? Learn ways of troubleshooting new eyeglasses problems and find solutions.

Lens coatings: Anti-reflective and more

How anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, anti-fog and UV coatings improve vision, increase the durability of glasses and protect eyes.

Glasses that suit your personality and lifestyle

How to choose the right eyeglasses for your lifestyle, with tips for businesspeople, outdoor enthusiasts and party-goers.

High-index lenses: Thinner, lighter eyeglass lenses

Want thinner, lighter eyeglass lenses? Find out if high-index lenses are right for you.