Learn which features are important for sunglasses, including information on performance, prescription, polarized, kids' and designer sunglasses.


Woman wearing green hat and non-prescription sunglasses.
Nonprescription sunglasses: What to know before buying

Read tips for choosing nonprescription or plano sunglasses, plus trends and style updates.

Performance sports sunglasses: See better, play better

Try high-performance sunglasses for your outdoor activities; plus, here are the top five trends.

Photochromic lenses: Transitions and other light-adaptive lenses

A complete buyer's guide to photochromic lenses (including Transitions lenses) for eyeglasses and sunglasses that darken automatically outdoors.

Cool sunglasses styles for teens

Why it's so important for teens to wear sunglasses; plus, how to buy a great pair without spending a fortune.