Vision Resources

How do you clean your glasses? How do you put in eye drops? Why are eyes blue or brown? Our vision resources guide has all the answers.


Woman using eye drops properly.
How to put in eye drops

Learn the best way to apply eye drops, including allergy eye drops and eye drops for dry eyes.

Blue eyes: Is everyone with blue eyes related?

Researchers say people with blue eyes have a common ancestor. Find out why — and when the first blue-eyed person lived.

The importance of healthy vision for road safety

Poor vision can be catastrophic on the road, so industry experts are partnering with acclaimed international organizations, like the United Nations to provide awareness, solutions and relief to drivers in need of vision correction.

How to prevent and fix red eye in photos

Learn why your eyes look red in pictures but your pets' eyes glow. Also, tips on how to prevent and remove the red-eye effect in photos.