Ageing & Eyes

Our vision changes as we age. Some examples: In youngsters, short sightedness (myopia) can be an issue. Presbyopia, cataracts and night vision can be issues in our later years.

Over 40

Older man driving at night
Driving at night tips for older motorists: Driving glasses and lenses

Tips on night driving and safety, including best night driving glasses.

Night vision and driving: How safe are older drivers?

Fading night vision is common among older drivers; learn what you should do to decrease risks.

Progressive lenses for vision over 40

Dr. Gary Heiting explains how progressive lenses, or invisible bifocals, provide presbyopia correction without the tell-tale line of bifocals.

Reading glasses: What to know before buying

How to choose reading glasses; alternatives to reading glasses. Also, why you should get an eye exam before buying readers.