Eye care

Learn how to enhance and protect your sight with eye exams, understand how your eyes work, eating well, knowing how your vision changes as you age and more.


Girl with red glasses
Vision problems of school-age children

Your child's vision can affect his or her performance in school. Dr. Gary Heiting explains the top 10 signs your child has a vision problem.

Eye exam cost and when to have an eye exam

Dr. Gary Heiting explains eye exam costs, how frequently you should have your eyes examined (based on your age and other factors) and how to prepare for your eye exam.

Vision therapy for children: What it is and what it isn't

Does your child have vision problems glasses can't fix? Learn how vision therapy, vision training or orthoptics might be the cure.

Is too much screen time bad for kids?

Most children spend hours staring at digital screens every day. Here's what we know (and don't know) about too much screen time for kids.