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4 sunglasses styles to achieve Priyanka Chopra Jonas's look

Priyanka Chopra wearing sunglasses

Looking for sunglasses inspiration or a style upgrade? Priyanka Chopra Jonas's Instagram is where you will find the perfect frames collection. Her style will help you pick the sunglasses that complement your personality.

From walking the street to chilling at her digs, Priyanka Chopra is at the top of her OOTD game, where sunglasses play a vital role. Chopra is an actor, singer, entrepreneur, investor, restaurateur, philanthropist and a lot more.

She often stands for social causes and tries to make a difference. As the world struggles from the Coronavirus second wave, the actor and her husband Nick Jonas have started the 'Together For India' fundraiser. The aim is to support the country’s healthcare infrastructure with a target to collect USD 3 million (approximately INR 21,71,81,000). They also plan to contribute towards hunger and malnutrition issues in India. 

Talking on her Twitter video, Priyanka Chopra said, “As the war against Covid-19 goes on in India, we see further ramifications and distraught that the pandemic is causing.” “Millions of Indians are struggling to eat even just one meal a day. A recent study by Azeem Premji University has shown that one year of Covid-19 has pushed 213 million Indians into poverty," Nick Jonas added. 

On the work front, the actress was last seen in the movie The White Tiger. While promoting the film, she wore some of the most sophisticated attire and also gave us her must-have sunglasses lookbook. For those who plan to up their sunnies style, check out what PeeCee opts for.

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4 sunglasses styles to achieve Priyanka Chopra Jonas's look 

Square photochromic evergreen sunglasses 

These thin-metal oversized sunglasses are an evergreen pick that can never go wrong or out of style. Priyanka Chopra pairs these frames with almost everything, making it the perfect look. Wearing a casual style, Chopra adds the frames to the attire, shifting all attention to her face. Well, that's the beauty of oversized sunglasses — it doesn't matter if you are under-confident or underdressed. Add square evergreen sunglasses and you are good to go! 

Get the look: Square sunglasses have been in fashion since the '70s. You can buy this vintage look from Ray-Ban’s collection. The Square 1971 Clear Evolve frames are a must-have in your wardrobe collection. The sunglasses have photochromic lenses and go from clear to grey colour as per the sunlight. 

Price: INR 11,590. 

3D rectangular sunglasses

3D rectangular frames were once meant for cinematic experiences. But Priyanka Chopra's Instagram photo will change how you perceive these glasses forever. The fashionista is often seen sporting rectangular sunglasses on various occasions. 

While promoting the movie The White Tiger, she wore a dress by St. John's capsule collection. The high neckline animal print attire paired with the 3D rectangular glasses left the netizens impressed. The frames brought the black and white sunny days back to 2021. Who would have thought that the 3D shades worn to experience the illusion of three-dimensional solidity could become a signature 21st-century style? 

Get the look: While we love to play it safe, give it a pass this time. Experiment with a look that highlights the fun element of your personality. Get Miss World Priyanka Chopra's look from Chanel. The dual colour lenses with black rectangular frames are available at the Sunglass Hut! You can also check Gucci full-rim rectangular grey frame sunglasses for this look. 

Price: Approximately INR 28,000 and INR 24,355, respectively.

Classic round gold sunnies

The classic round gold sunglasses might feel a bit passe but are the perfect wardrobe staple. They can lighten up even the most mundane look. Priyanka Chopra Jonas's quintessential style, the round sunnies are among her favourites.

Whenever travelling, she without a doubt picks classic round sunglasses to complete her looks. Some pieces are timeless, and these sunglasses are the definition of it. Inspired by the 1960s counterculture, round photochromic sunglasses are an essential part of the pop-culture.

Get the look: The classic round sunglasses are Ray-Ban signature pieces. Since the ‘60s, legendary personalities on stage and the big screen have sworn to wear this frame style. Updating with technology, the brand now uses Evolve Lenses, which take the best care of your eyes.

Price: INR 11590 

Cat-eye frames

If you are following Priyanka Chopra's social media, you can't miss her cat-eye frames. Coming in all colours and sizes, they are an integral part of her sunglasses collection. Be it micro cat-eye or turtle detailing cat-eye sunnies, this frame dominates her accessories treasury. 

After Priyanka Chopra’s wedding with Nick Jonas, when the couple made their first appearance in front of the Indian media, Chopra wore designer Sabhyasachi's bottle-green saree, teaming it with her signature gold cat-eye layer sunglasses by Bonnie Clyde. The simple addition accentuated her look, making millions of fans try the same on their D-day. Later, while chilling with her husband in Miami, she opted for a white cat-eye frame enjoying the sea and the cool breeze.

Get the look: Cat-eye sunglasses cover only the circumference around your eyes. But they are a brilliant pick for those with round and triangular faces. The tiny frames shift the attention from the fuller cheek and jawline to other facial features. One can buy similar looks from Ray-Ban, John Jacobs by Lenskart, Oakley and many more.

Price: Starting from INR 2500

Buy and style like PeeCee

These were All About Vision's top four sunglasses picks from Priyanka Chopra's collection. But the actress's selection also consists of various sunglasses that one must try their hands on. Her plush buys include reflector aviators, double-bridge and wayfarer-style sunglasses, among others. Chopra is an ardent sunglasses collector who gets playful with one of the most underrated accessories—sunglasses! Try her style and discover the new you.

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