Eyesight and Age

Explore our articles on eyesight and age. From the 40's and older, it's beneficial to know about ageing changes that occur in the eye and what to expect.


Woman undergoing cataract surgery
Cataract surgery operation: What you need to know

Get all the info you need on cataract surgery with All About Vision. Read what are the basic information of the eye operation and how it is performed.

Improve your night driving: Tips and advice on glasses for night

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Cataract prevention and nutrition

Explore the relationship between cataracts and nutrition. Cataract prevention depends on nutritious foods. Learn how to prevent cataracts naturally.

Cataracts | Causes, Symptoms, Types & Treatment

Cataracts develop when the lens inside your eye turns cloudy. Find out more about this common disorder, including cataracts’ visual effects, other symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.