All About Vision's guide to coronavirus and your eyes includes articles on symptoms and safety measures, how COVID-19 has eye doctors switching to virtual visits how you can protect your eyes, look good online and even entertain your children while stuck at home.
woman wearing a surgical mask who has coronavirus red eyes
Is there a connection between red eyes and COVID-19?

While some people with COVID-19 have had red eyes as a symptom, allergies or irritants, may also cause conjunctivitis (Madras eye).

contacts vs glasses sign with covid-19 mask hanging from it
Glasses or contact lenses? Which keeps your eyes safer from coronavirus infection?

Wearing contacts does not make you more susceptible to COVID-19, and wearing eyeglasses does not protect you from infection.

woman wearing a home made face mask to protect from coronavirus
Face masks reduce coronavirus spread, but they don’t protect your eyes

Face masks have become a popular tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but using protective masks still leaves the eyes exposed.

hydroxychloroquine vs Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As a COVID-19 treatment, hydroxychloroquine may damage your eyes

Find out how the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine can affect your retina, a part of the eye critical to healthy eyesight.