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The best glasses for long faces

Woman wearing rectangular shaped eyeglasses

A longer face shape pairs well with almost any style of glasses, so you’ll have plenty of choices. To help break up the length of your face, you’ll want to select frames on the larger side. 

Bold shapes and glasses with decorative details are also a smart choice since they help draw attention to your eyes and can add width to your face. Be sure to avoid narrow or rectangular shapes, which can make your face appear longer.

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Do I have a long face shape?

Not to be confused with an oval-shaped face, a long face tends to be slightly longer and narrower than oval shapes. The width of the jawline, forehead, cheeks and chin will all be roughly the same. However, these features may also appear to be narrower than other face shapes. 

If you have a long-shaped face, your face’s length is about twice as long as its width. 

Try these glasses for a long face shape. 

Square glasses 

Square frames are perfect if you have a long face. The sharper corners of square glasses help balance out the length of your face and complement your narrow features. Choose frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones to make your face appear broader. 

Two-toned glasses 

Want an easy way to make your face instantly appear wider? Try two-toned glasses. The colour-top frames create an optical illusion that draws focus upward toward your eyes rather than to the length of your face. 

Thick frame glasses 

They may have a scholastic reputation, but thick frame glasses are popular and stylish. A number of well-known celebrities are often spotted wearing these smart, bold frames. Adding bulk to your eyewear adds width to your face for a more balanced look. 

Aviator glasses 

It’s almost impossible not to look great in a pair of aviators. But what’s even better is that the tapered shape, which includes a wider top and more narrow bottom, pairs perfectly with a long face. 

Long faces have a long list of options when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of frames. Whether you’re hoping for a more academic look or prefer a more relaxed style, you’re sure to find a pair that demonstrates your personality. 

While you might have more narrow features to consider when it comes to fit, always remember to choose glasses that fit snugly across the bridge of your nose (without being too tight) and in which your eyes appear centered, and you’ll be set. 

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