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Women's glasses: Get the look you love

woman wearing spectacles looking up

Women's spectacles and frames are available in many shapes and sizes to suit nearly every taste. But choosing the perfect spectacle frame for the look you love can be confusing.

The following tips will make your shopping for popular women's eyeglasses styles easier and more fun:

Narrow down your women's spectacle frame choices

Before you visit your optician to buy glasses, think about what you want to communicate to the eye care professional:

  • Do you want a frame that's delicate or bold, retro or modern, conservative or "out there"?

  • Are there any current fashion trends you really like?

  • When will you wear the glasses — all the time, at work, or just for specific occasions or activities?

  • Do you want a designer label?

  • What is your skin tone and the colour of your hair?

  • What are the main colours in your wardrobe?

  • What is your face shape? (For tips, read our article on the best frames for different face shapes.)

  • What do you like — and dislike — about your current spectacles?

How to find spectacles that are comfortable and fit well

Consumer studies have shown that women tend to be more interested in the way eyeglasses look, while men tend to be more interested in comfort and fit.

But let's face it — even if spectacles look great, you're not going to want to wear them if they aren't comfortable. And if you don't like wearing your new spectacles, you certainly aren't getting your money's worth.

This is where an optician can be very helpful. For example:

  • If a frame looks good, but it slides off your nose, your optician can fix this during the final fitting, by adjusting the length of the temples or the way they fit behind your ears.

  • If the front is too wide and doesn't fit your face, your optician can order the frame in another size. If the spectacle frame you like isn't available in a size that fits, your optician can help you find a similar style that does.

  • If the nose pads are uncomfortable, your optician may be able to replace the pads with more comfortable ones or find you a similar spectacle frame style that fits well and feels more comfortable.

  • If the frame has too steep of a bridge over your nose, your optician can help you find frames that will fit your nose comfortably and securely.

Durability of women's spectacle frames

Durability of spectacles is another factor that seems to appeal more to men than to women. But you really don't want to buy a frame that falls apart after a few months.

When purchasing spectacle frames, it can be difficult to spot cheaply made frames that won't last as long as well-made frames. Your optician can point out the quality differences between frames that may look similar, but have different levels of material quality and craftsmanship. [For more, read 10 reasons to avoid cheap glasses.]

Opticians are experts on frame durability, because they know which frames customers bring back for repairs, and which ones create few or no complaints. So be sure and ask for advice.

How many frames do you need?

Most women don't hesitate to buy more than one handbag or pair of shoes, so why baulk at purchasing more than one pair of spectacles?

It's okay to view spectacles as another fun fashion accessory when you consider that:

  • You can find great deals on eyewear. Check with your eye care practitioner. Optical stores have sales all the time, including "two-for-one" or "buy-one-get-one-half-off." Often you can buy new spectacles for less than the price of new shoes or a designer handbag!

  • Unless they are bottom-of-the-barrel, spectacle frames usually last a long time.

    If you are like most spectacle wearers, your prescription isn't going to change every year, and you'll likely hold onto those frames for a long while and get plenty of value from them. Do you wear the same shoes or earrings every day? Probably not, so why would you want to wear the same spectacles every day?

  • Eyewear is more than a medical device.

    Some women think gold or silver frames go with everything, and that might be true for them. But is it true for you?

You might be more interested in a copper-coloured metal frame for when you're wearing jeans, a sophisticated tortoise plastic frame for the office and a pretty rhinestone-studded frame for an evening out. It's fun to consider the options. If you are on a tight budget, then by all means choose one frame that you'll be happy wearing with any outfit and in any situation. Opticians excel at helping their customers find such frames.

Anti-reflective coating: Look and see your best

Appearance is the key factor for women when choosing eyewear. And nothing interferes with the appearance of an otherwise attractive pair of glasses than distracting reflections in the lenses.

For the most attractive eyewear possible, choose lenses that include anti-reflective coating.

Anti-reflective (AR) coating eliminates reflections of light from the front and back of your spectacle lenses, making the lenses almost disappear so people see the beauty of your spectacle frame and your eyes.

Also, by eliminating reflections, AR coating increases the clarity and comfort of your vision — especially in low-light conditions such as when driving at night.

AR coating truly helps you look and see your best and should be considered essential for any pair of women's spectacles.

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