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If you find yourself squinting at the microscopic print on pill bottles, smartphone screens and restaurant menus, discount reading glasses offer a wallet-friendly way to bring words back into focus.

Before you buy reading glasses, it’s important to get an eye exam to get your eye health checked and verify that you need readers.

Consider the type of reading glasses that would work best for your situation. You can get custom-made reading glasses from your optician or an optical shop, but those can be pricey. Buying “ready-made” readers may be a better bet if you’re on a budget.

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Types of reading glasses

Bifocal readers

With bifocal readers, the upper part of the lens is unmagnified while the lower part is magnified. This allows you to seamlessly switch between close-up work and other activities without taking off your glasses. 

Fully magnified readers

In fully magnified readers, the whole lens is magnified, making them a good option if you read for extended periods of time or only need readers occasionally. When you’re done with a close-up task, you can simply take off your glasses.

Reading sunglasses

Combination reading sunglasses allow you to read while you’re in the sun and can protect your eyes from UV rays.

The best reading glasses

Once you’re ready to buy, there’s no need to spend hours shopping for reading glasses – we’ve already done the legwork for you. Here’s a list of our top picks for the best discount reading glasses in 2019:

The Alistair

The Alistair: These stylish unisex discount reading glasses get rave reviews from customers. The fully magnified readers are made of lightweight plastic and available in a range of colors, from matte pink to tortoise to glossy black. 

The Alistair has a keyhole bridge for style, spring hinges for a snug fit, and it's available in an array of powers from +1.00 to +4.00. 

At just $14.95 each, you may want to grab several pairs so you can keep extras in your purse, desk and nightstand.

The Sophie

The Sophie: These snazzy and affordable women’s readers come in a trendy rectangular frame shape and seven bright colors, including pink, purple, coral, green and sky blue. 

Made of lightweight plastic, they’re available in a range of powers from +1.00 to +4.00. 

The Sophie has fully magnified lenses, along with spring hinges for a secure fit. Customers give them high marks because they’re comfortable as well as sturdy and scratch resistant

At $15.95, they’re a good choice for women looking for discount eyeglasses for reading.

The Vancouver Bifocal

The Vancouver Bifocal: These classic readers work for both men and women. With a plastic rectangular frame that comes in two colors, black and tortoise, they are versatile enough to go with any outfit.

The Vancouver readers are bifocal readers, which means you can keep them on for an extended time while you switch between reading and other activities. They come in powers ranging from +1.00 to +4.00. 

They have spring hinges to keep them from slipping off, and customers rate them highly for accurate magnification. 

At $17.95 a pair, they represent a good balance between quality and price.

The Panini II

The Panini II: These cool single vision half-frame readers have a unique design that allows the lenses to fold into the hollow frames. That makes it a snap to carry these glasses anywhere, so you’re never caught asking your dinner companion to read your entrée choices. 

The frame acts as a case, and it’s about the size of a marker. They come in five fashionable-yet-understated colors, including plum, slate blue and saddle. 

These readers cost $24.95 each, but you can get bulk pricing when you buy multiple pairs. The downside: They’re offered only in a limited range of magnification, from +1.00 to +3.00. 

The Sterling

The Sterling: Offered in powers ranging from +1.00 to +6.00, these unique round readers are be a great option for those who need higher-powered magnification. 

The unisex reading glasses have fully magnified lenses, but the design allows you to wear them further down your nose as a half reader or higher up as a full reader. They come in five colors, including tortoise, dark red and olive green. 

At $19.95, these glasses are a great choice for those looking for versatile readers under $20.

The Cinder Reading Sunglasses

The Cinder Reading Sunglasses: If both the sun and the fine print have you squinting, the unisex Cinder Reading Sunglasses may be a good solution. 

These semi-rimless reading sunglasses cost just $16.95 and come in four neutral color combinations that mix smoky gray with metallic tones. 

They have a metal frame with nose pads, and they shield your eyes with 99% UVA/UVB sun protection. Spring hinges help to ensure a secure fit.

Women's Six-Pair Surprise Grab Bag

Women's Six-Pair Surprise Grab Bag: This women’s six-pair single vision full-frame surprise grab bag allows you to buy a bundle of readers at a bargain price. 

The grab bag includes six pairs at $6 each for a total price of $36. You get to choose your magnification power but not the frame styles. 

All six pairs will be different, which offers an affordable way to try out styles you might not have picked otherwise. 

The downside: If you don’t like a style, you’re out of luck. This retailer does not accept returns on glasses in the surprise grab bag.

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How to save on reading glasses

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With that kind of savings, you never have to get caught without your readers again – especially when you’re hungry and struggling to read a menu.

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