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Unisex frames and glasses: Unique spectacle frames for men and women

Man and woman wearing same eyeglasses

Unisex spectacles are frames that look great on both men and women.

Styles range from vintage to modern, and unisex frames are available in a wide variety of materials, colours and sizes to fit any face shape and head size.

Top 5 Unisex Spectacle Styling Trends

  1. Unique plastic frames in oval and elongated rectangular shapes.

  2. Rimless and semi-rimless styles with lenses cut in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  3. Small, retro-style frames, sometimes accented with tinted lenses (in blue, light brown or even yellow).

  4. New, progressive shapes such as the modified (elongated) rectangle, and the bowtie or butterfly (a rectangle with the ends "tilted" upward).

  5. Beautifully designed, clean and simple thin metal frame styles in titanium and stainless steel in a variety of unisex shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind that you want people to focus on your frames, not on distracting reflections in your lenses that obscure your eyes. For the most attractive eye-wear, always choose spectacle lenses with an anti-reflection (AR) coating.

Specialty unisex spectacles

Unisex frame styles can be a great choice for your second pair of glasses or for specialty eye-wear.


Falling into this category are glasses worn specifically for computer use, driving, sports, reading and other special purposes.

Ask your optometrist for recommendations about specialty eye-wear that can enhance your performance and increase your enjoyment of these activities.

What often makes an spectacle frame fit the specialty eye-wear bill is the lens (for example, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses for sports but the design of the frame is also important to give you a comfortable field of view for specific tasks.

Remember, just as you wear different clothes and shoes for different situations and activities, you will look your best if you have more than one pair (and style) of spectacles for different situations and events.

When selecting frames, open your mind to possibilities by trying on unisex frames as well as gender-specific eye-wear styles.

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