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Fun and creative ways to spend your FSA dollars

Woman buying eyeglasses with her FSA credit card

With a new benefits year upon us, it’s time to spend those flexible spending account (FSA) dollars! 

Here’s how you can get creative and spend those FSA dollars on fun (and practical) expenses.

Different types of sunglasses on display

Rock some shades — Who says looking stylish has to be expensive? Spend your FSA dollars on prescription sunglasses , and you’ll be ready for summer.

Do some summer prepping — Sunglasses are just part of the equation for a great summer. Grab some sunscreen while you’re at it, and some aloe just in case.

Take a load off, Mom and Dad — Even the most prepared parent can use a helping hand from time to time. Use your FSA dollars to buy a baby monitor or a cold/hot therapeutic stuffed animal to snuggle your little one back to health.

Person with luggage

Take a vacation — While your FSA won’t pay for your airfare, it can pay for items that will make your trip better! Sleep easy on the plane with a travel pillow or grab some readers  to knock out that novel you’ve been dying to finish.

Work those muscles — Athletes rejoice! Your FSA funds can help you treat muscle aches with cold compression devices. If you have a Letter of Medical Necessity, your FSA funds can even help pay for the exercise equipment you need to get back in form.

Two women hiking outdoors

Take a hike — If you’re the outdoorsy type, insoles can make all the difference. You’ll be happy to know that all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes can be bought with your flexible spending account. Don’t forget to bring along a first-aid kit — your FSA can help out there too! Catch some Z’s — Having trouble sleeping? If you have a prescription, your FSA can help you get a good night’s rest by paying for sleep aids. Eye masks are also fair game for anyone with an FSA, so you can catch 40 winks on the cheap.

Man sleeping in bed

Take care of your contacts — OK, so maybe this one isn’t so much fun … but neither are dry contacts! You can snag some contact lens solution and cases with your FSA dollars, or even switch to dailies .

While the time to use your FSA dollars is limited to the calendar year (in most cases), the sky’s the limit on eligible purchases. And you can always use your FSA to help cover costs at your next eye exam. Don’t lose your FSA money — start spending today.

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Page updated February 2020


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