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Children's Videos
Animal Eyes
Dr. James Raber answers questions like why all animal eyes don't look the same and if dogs see like we do.(Source: National Eye Institute)
Color Blindness: What Is It?
Dr. Sheldon Miller answers children's questions about colorblindness.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Crying: How Does It Affect My Eyes?
Dr. Cheri Wiggs talks about what happens to our eyes when we cry and what it means to be nearsighted or farsighted.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Eyes At Night
Dr. Cheri Wiggs explains what our eyes do while we sleep and why we can't see colors well in the dark.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
How Did You Become A Scientist?
Dr. Chris Thomas tells how you can become a scientist and the variety of jobs they do.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Myths And Facts About Eyes
Dr. Emily Chew sheds light on common eye-related myths to tell us fact vs. fiction.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Optical Illusions: What Are They?
Dr. Matt McMahon describes optical illusions and how they play tricks on our eyes.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Perfect Vision And Glasses
Dr. Rachel Bishop explains the concept of "perfect vision," how glasses work, and how we can tell if we need glasses.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Sharks and Barks
Dr. James Raber answers whether fish have eyelids and if animals get blurry vision.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Underwater Eyes
Dr. Michael Steinmetz explains why salt water stings our eyes, why it does not sting whales' eyes, and whether opening our eyes in a pool is harmful.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Why Did You Become a Scientist?
Dr. Pat Becerra tells why she became a scientist and encourages girls who are interested in science to pursue this interest.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Contact Lens Videos
Allergies and Contact Lens Wear
Tips for dealing with allergy eyes if you wear contacts.
(Source: CooperVision)
Dangers of Decorative Contacts
How improper use of decorative contact lenses could be dangerous to your eyes.
(Source: FDA)
Illegal Contact Lens Sales
WSB-TV news report on why buying illegal contact lenses is bad for your eyes.
(Source: Georgia Optometric Association)
Scleral Lenses at the Movies
Tom Cruise performs a dangerous stunt with help from scleral contact lenses.
Eye Problem Videos
Age-Related Macular Degeneration
An eye doctor explains what AMD is.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Age-Related Macular Degeneration
An explanation of this sight-stealing disease by Jennifer Hoge.
Age-Related Macular Degeneration and VEGF
VEGF helps cause macular degeneration. Here's how.
(Source: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)
Artist Portrays Macular Degeneration
Artist Adam Hahn's portrait paintings show how macular degeneration affects vision.
(Source: AMD Alliance International)
Astigmatism: What Causes It?
What astigmatism is, what causes it, and how it is corrected.
Blurry Vision: What Causes It?
This video explains the causes of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
Catalys Laser System
A cataract surgeon explains how he uses the Catalys laser system by OptiMedica for cataract surgery.
An eye doctor explains what cataracts are.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Cataract Surgery
What goes on during cataract surgery.
Cataract Surgery Report
Cataract surgery doesn't just improve vision. Find out what injuries it can potentially prevent.
(Source: JAMA)
Computers and Your Eyesight
Your computer, smartphone and video games may be causing you eye strain.
(Source: Vision Service Plan)
Diabetic Eye Disease
An eye doctor explains diabetic retinopathy.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Diabetic Retinopathy
Rep. James Clyburn asks African-American diabetics to get annual eye exams.
(Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology)
Dry Eyes
An eye doctor explains dry eye syndrome.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Eye Injuries From Cosmetics
The FDA asks everyone who has a bad reaction to a cosmetic to please report it.
(Source: FDA)
False Eyelash and Eyelash Extension Risks
How false eyelashes and eyelash extensions could harm your eyes.
(Source: Consumer Reports)
An eye doctor explains glaucoma.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Glaucoma Experiment
This gait analysis experiment could provide an early indication of glaucoma.
(Source: UCLA Stein Eye Institute)
Implantable Miniature Telescope
The CentraSight treatment for end-stage macular degeneration.
(Source: VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies)
Olympic bobsledder Steve Holcomb has keratoconus, but a new procedure gave him 20/20 vision.
(Source: NBC Nightly News)
Keratoconus Treatment
On The Doctors, Olympic gold medalist Steve Holcomb discusses his keratoconus treatment.
Step-by-step look at how LASIK eye surgery works.
LASIK (En Español)
Una mirada paso a paso de la forma en que se desempeña la cirugía ocular LASIK.
Living with Low Vision Stories
Stories of hope and independence.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Low Vision: Erin's Story
Having low vision at a young age doesn't keep Erin from her favorite pastime: reading.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Low Vision: Joma's Story
Using high-tech tools helps Joma overcome vision challenges at his job.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Low Vision: Lawrence's Story
Getting out and about is important to Lawrence, a vision-impaired artist.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Low Vision: Ruth's Story
Ruth continues to paint with watercolors despite her age-related macular degeneration.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Myopia and Myopia Control
Watch this video on what causes myopia, why it progresses and the various techniques for controlling myopia.
Retinal Implants
How a microchip implanted in the eye can restore some sight.
(Source: Retina Implant AG)
Retinal Implants
This artificial retina receives signals from a video camera mounted on eyeglasses.
(Source: Second Sight)
Retinal Implant Recipient: The Bionic Woman
Watch how this retinal prosthesis device works on one of its recipients.
(Source: USC Viterbi)
Eyewear Videos
Eyeglass Frame Tattoo — Really
Dude got a permanent eyeglass tattoo on his face! (No, it doesn't correct his vision.)
Google's Project Glass
Check out this early concept video when Project Glass was just getting started.
How Eyeglass Frames Are Made
A lot of work goes into the manufacturing of metal eyeglass frames. Here's the process.
Optifog Ad: The Butcher
Trouble with your glasses fogging up? Watch this funny Optifog ad. (Source: Essilor)
Optifog Ad: The Doll
Mom gives daughter a doll sandwich. Watch this funny Optifog ad. (Source: Essilor)
Origins of Eyeglasses
A brief history of how eyeglasses came to be.
Ski Goggles Buyer's Guide
Latest features to look for when you shop for ski goggles.
Various Eye Topics
3-D in the Classroom
Does 3-D in the classroom cause eye strain in kids?
(Source: American Optometric Association)
3-D: How It Impacts Our Eyes
Can 3-D movies and TV harm our vision?
(Source: Vision Service Plan)
3-D Movies and Motion Sickness
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dr. Roger Phelps discuss.
(Source: Vision Service Plan)
Alive or Inanimate? Check the Eyes
Face morph: At what point does this woman begin to look like a doll?
Alive or Inanimate? Check the Eyes
Face morph: At what point does this man begin to look like a statue?
Alzheimer's Eye Test With Cognoptix
An eye test that can detect early Alzheimer's?
(Source: Cognoptix)
Artificial Eye
An ocularist shows the process of how an artificial eye is made.
(Source: Great Big Story on Youtube)
Bill Nye on the Eyeball
Bill Nye the Science Guy explains how the eyeball works.
Carrots: Good for Vision?
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dr. Roger Phelps discuss.
(Source: Vision Service Plan)
Climate Change: How It Impacts Your Eyes
Environmental changes can affect more than you may know.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Dilated Eye Exams
Find out why you should get regular dilated eye exams.
(Source: National Eye Institute)
Driving While Blind?
Blind man drives car independently. Here's how.
(Source: National Federation of the Blind)
Eye Exam Frequency
How often should you get an eye exam?
(Source: Vision Service Plan)
Eye Health As You Age
Are you a baby boomer? Learn about a study on eye health concerns for boomers.
(Source: Bausch + Lomb)
EyeXam App for iPhone and iPad
How the EyeXam app can help you test your eyes.
(Source: Global EyeVentures, LLC)
Finding Your Dominant Eye
For many sports, it's important to learn which eye is dominant. Here's how.
High Quality Capture Of The Eyes
Researchers at Disney create a capture system for eye reconstruction and eye modeling.
(Source: Disney Research)
How to Open Champagne Safely
Flying corks can cause major eye injuries, even vision loss. Learn how to do it right.
Music Video: Blink
This video will definitely make you want to blink more often!
(Source: Tear Film)
Music Video: Wordplay
A fun wordplay music video bringing awareness to avoidable blindness.
(Source: Emily Longstaff)
Preventing Eye Injuries
How to protect your eyes at work, at home, and during sports.
Pupil Prediction
Can pupil response predict depression risk in kids?
(Source: Bringhamton University)
Resolution of the Eye
Ever wonder what the resolution of the eye is compared to camera pictures or HD movies?
(Source: Vsauce on Youtube)
Sight: The Story Of Vision
This is a trailer for the documentary on vision that was created for PBS broadcast. Premiering October 13, World Sight Day!
The Color Yellow Explained
How do we see yellow if our retina only perceives red, blue or green?
(Source: Vsauce on Youtube)
Vision Benefits Plans
Participating in vision benefits plans leads to healthier vision behaviors.
(Source: National Association of Vision Care Plans)
Vision Therapy
A glimpse of a young girl's life after vision therapy.
(Source: College of Optometrists in Vision Development)
What Do You See?
Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

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