Video: How vision insurance saves you on eye exams, glasses, contacts

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(Video) How vision insurance saves you money

Tonya Stumphauzer - On Camera:

What is vision insurance, and how can it save you money?

Voiceover (VO):

(Graphic: What is vision insurance) Let’s start with what vision insurance is. For a few bucks per pay period, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on ...

VO (graphic split screen)

eye exams...


contact lenses...

prescription sunglasses...

and much more.

Tonya - On Camera:

Think of vision insurance as a gift card for yourself to take care of your eyes.


The biggest players in vision insurance are VSP Vision Care and EyeMed Vision Care. Both offer employer and individual plans. Medicare and Medicaid also offer vision benefits.

Tonya - On Camera:

How much can vision insurance save you money? That depends on your plan.


Take the cost of an eye exam. Many vision insurance plans cover 100% of the amount.

(Video: pan rows of eyeglasses at optical shop/vision center)

And most plans will cover a portion of the cost of your eyeglasses, contacts, progressive lenses or photochromatic lenses or anti-reflective coatings.

Tonya - On Camera

(Video: animation of eye exam $$ scrolling up, then eyeglasses $$, then contacts $$, etc.) That’s just coverage for your routine vision needs, though. Some vision insurance plans include discounts on LASIK.


The savings multiplies if you’re covering your spouse or significant other, and your children.

And if you use a health savings or flexible spending account you can save even more by using these funds for what’s not covered by your vision insurance.


Looking for a pair of Armani frames or Ray-Ban sunglasses? Your HSA or FSA can help you buy these higher-end specs because you’ve been saving for them with your payroll deductions.

Tonya - On Camera:

Vision insurance is a smart idea. It saves you money. And saving your sight — well, that’s priceless.


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