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5 home activities for kids

Children who are staying home and staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic may also be getting bored or even underfoot. It can be hard for parents working from home or waiting to return to work to keep an eye on little ones.

We've got you covered with some great home activities for kids.

Take a break. All About Vision's home activities for kids, including our DIY paper glasses and connect-the-dots worksheet, can keep your kids entertained for a while. All you and your child will need are a printer and supplies such as crayons, markers, colored pencils and a pair of child-safe scissors.

Have some family fun. Take turns trying on the paper glasses and show off your child's new look (he or she looks specs-tacular!) after completing the connect-the-dots worksheet. Feel free to post photos to Facebook or Instagram to let family and friends know you're having some fun while staying at home.

Click here to download and print the DIY paper eyeglasses cutouts.

Click here to download and print the connect-the-dots worksheet.

Oh, and don't forget to watch your children with the scissors. Eye doctors have seen an uptick in eye injuries in recent weeks. Eye care practices also are getting more calls from parents whose children have broken their glasses and need frame replacements.

Since the glasses in these activities are paper, you won't have to call for help getting repairs or replacements. Just hit print and start coloring again. Maybe the next pair of glasses will look even better!

Eye care practices are open to help if you or your child injure your eyes or are experiencing vision issues, and, of course, to replace broken eyeglasses frames. Find an eye doctor near you and schedule an appointment.

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