What results to expect

Your vision may be blurry and hazy for the first day, but most LASIK patients see well enough to drive (20/40 or better) without corrective lenses the day after surgery.

Don’t be discouraged if your vision is not as clear as you expected it would be in the first week or two after the procedure. Depending on how quickly your eyes heal, your vision may continue to improve for weeks or even months after LASIK.

Studies consistently show that well over 90 percent of LASIK patients see 20/40 or better without corrective lenses after the procedure, and a majority of patients see 20/20 or better. 

The best thing you can do to get the best results from your LASIK surgery is to follow the post-operative directions your surgeon gives you and make sure you attend all your follow-up visits.

Frequent use of artificial tears while your eyes are healing after LASIK surgery typically will minimize dry eye symptoms during recovery, and dry eye symptoms tend to diminish within weeks after surgery.

If you don't obtain a satisfactory outcome from LASIK surgery, in most cases, your vision can be improved further with a follow-up LASIK enhancement surgery. Most surgeons recommend waiting at least three months after LASIK surgery before considering an enhancement procedure. This is to make sure healing after the primary procedure is complete and no further vision improvement is likely.  

Please watch this video "When did you first notice an improvement?"