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Marsai Martin

When Marsai Martin, the 14-year-old actress who plays Diane Johnson on the hit show "Black-ish," was growing up in Texas, she struggled in school until her vision issues were corrected.

"I know what it's like to sit in a classroom where everything looks blurry," Martin says. "No child should have to go through that experience."

Essilor of America has partnered with Martin to underscore the need for high-quality, comprehensive eye exams during this back-to-school season.

"Nearly half of parents with children under age 6 have never taken their child to the eye doctor, even though it's recommended they have three doctor visits by that age," says Millicent Knight, OD, senior vice president of Essilor's Customer Development Group.

With children's eye exams, "Parents also need to know that where you go matters as much as when you go," Knight says. "There is a big difference in a child's vision outcome when choosing professionals who prioritize the most advanced and best lens technologies for their patients' individual needs."

The Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge is a new campaign introduced by Essilor of America and Marsai Martin that encourages parents to take immediate action to prioritize their children's best vision this back-to-school season.

In signing the Pledge, parents are entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a comprehensive eye exam and glasses for their child, and glasses for the child's entire school (K-12), courtesy of the Essilor Vision Foundation.

EVF will bring the doctors, provide the vision exams and deliver the glasses, all at the winning school. The Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge sweepstakes runs through Sept. 25, and the winning school is anticipated to be announced on World Sight Day on Oct. 10, 2019.

Martin says of the Pledge: "Through this Pledge and partnership, I hope every child in America gets the opportunity to see the world clearly, and to be at their best in the classroom and life."

Sherianne James, chief marketing officer of Essilor of America, says, "Parents will invest billions this year to prepare their children for school, but without the ability to see their best, children will be at a disadvantage in the classroom.

"Marsai's story underscores the need for vision to be at the top of the list, as well as the difference that can be made in the life of a child when they are paired with the right eye doctor who offers the right lens solutions," she adds.

"Essilor answers the call with our network of Essilor Experts, which is comprised of independent eye doctors who have access to advanced lens technologies and who are dedicated to taking a personalized approach to eye care," James says.

"The Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge is a compelling way to empower parents to make the right choice as Essilor drives toward a 2020 goal of better vision health for all."

To enter the Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge and for official rules, visit: Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge.

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