Biofinity Energys: The First Contact Lens Specifically Designed For Digital Life And Everyday Living

Screen time is hard time for your eyes.

Lady looking at phone during day

From the start of each day, you're looking at a screen:

  • Waking up to the alarm on your smartphone
  • Doing a quick email check while still in bed
  • Reading social media feeds on your tablet over breakfast
  • Watching the news on your laptop

...and that's before you even get to work, where you might be working on spreadsheets, documents and presentations — on multiple screens.

According to Apple, its device users unlock their phones 80 times each day! It's no wonder that eye strain, dry eyes and tired eyes are on the rise.1

Your eyes are likely feeling the effects of increasing screen time. It's a reality of modern life: According to the Vision Council, more than 83% of US adults use digital devices more than 2 hours a day and 53.% report using two digital devices simultaneously, subjecting themselves to tired, dry and red eyes.2

Biofinity Energys™ Contact Lenses Use Breakthrough Technology To Help You Find Your Comfort Zone

Biofinity Energys is the first contact lens designed for digital life to help with eye tiredness and dryness, two symptoms commonly associated with using digital devices for an extended period of time.

Two innovations combine to help with the tiredness and dryness that can be caused by digital device use.

Digital Zone Optics®

lens design uses optical enhancements to help you go back and forth between your screen and your off-screen world with less focusing effort.

Aquaform® Technology

locks moisture in the lens, helping your eyes to feel less dry and more comfortable. That's especially important during screen time.

Thumbs Up for Biofinity Energys

In a study of digital device users,* 8 out of 10 agreed that Biofinity Energys contact lenses made their eyes feel less tired.3 And 77% of patients agree that Biofinity Energys lenses help their eyes feel less strained at the end of the day, even after a long day of using digital devices.4,5

Also, 86% of wearers agreed that Biofinity Energys lenses help them focus effortlessly when using digital devices.4,5

Doctors Agree: Biofinity Energys Contact Lenses Are A "Home Run"

"Biofinity Energys lenses will work for normal everyday life and won't require patients to do anything other than just wear contact lenses," says Dr. Bruce Lucas. "The lens is a home run for patients!"

"If patients are on a computer or digital devices 8 or 9 hours a day, they believe it's acceptable for their eyes to feel tired at the end of the day," says Dr. Jay Mashouf. "However, it doesn't have to be a normal part of life ... discomfort can be minimized or avoided."

Get A Free Trial Of Biofinity Energys

Visit the Biofinity Energys website to get a free trial lens certificate that can be redeemed with your eye care practitioner (ECP). If you don't currently have an ECP, you can find one near you by using this locator.

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*Among patients who use digital devices at least 4 hours per day at least 5 days per week and self-report symptoms of eye fatigue at least once per week.

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