How to Be a Monocle Pro

Adapted from a blog post on written by James Berry, CEO of Nearsights.
He recommends practicing in front of a mirror the first time.

1. Hold the monocle by the loop, with the galleries pointing up. The galleries keep the lens away from your eye, so you avoid the "squinty look" that many people incorrectly associate with well-fitting monocles. 2. Raise your eyebrow to make a "Wow!" face. The galleries on the monocle rest horizontally between your cheekbone and your eyebrow, and the monocle is held in place by the natural tension in your skin when you relax. 3. Fit the monocle in, resting the bottom gallery on top of your cheekbone, and then fit the top gallery in just below your eyebrow. Keep the monocle close to your nose. 4. Relax. Your monocle will fit comfortably and securely between your cheekbone and your eyebrow.

How to Tell if Your Monocle is Too Large or Too Small

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It's too large if the bottom gallery is resting on your cheekbone, the top gallery is above your eyebrow and you feel like your eye is "stretched." We call this "the maniac look." It's too small if you have to squint down on the monocle to get it to stay in place.