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Laser Eye Surgeons in Victoria, British Columbia

LASIK is a delicate surgery which should be performed by a qualified professional. Most Victoria LASIK surgeons are board-certified ophthalmologists with extensive experience performing laser vision correction surgery.

LASIK treats abnormally shaped corneas that have trouble focusing light on the retina, thus impeding vision. The procedure reshapes the cornea by removing tiny bits of corneal tissue. This improves vision and frees many patients from the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. LASIK can be used to treat cases of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

LASIK Surgery in Victoria, British Columbia

The traditional LASIK procedure begins with the creation of the corneal flap. Using a microkeratome or a laser, the Victoria LASIK surgeon makes a small flap of corneal tissue, and folds it back to access the underlying corneal tissue. The surgeon uses an excimer laser to carefully and precisely ablate tiny pieces of corneal tissue to reshape the cornea. The corneal flap is then returned to its original position, and heals on its own.

Other Types of Laser Eye Surgery

It’s common for LASIK surgeons in Victoria to perform other types of laser vision correction procedures, such as all-laser LASIK, Epi-LASIK, LASEK, PRK and laser cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery is a procedure that removes a cataract-diseased lens with the use of an advanced laser. The surgeons may also offer treatment for an eye disorder called keratoconus, in which the cornea becomes cone-shaped and vision loss occurs.

All-laser LASIK is a variation of the traditional surgery and uses a femtosecond laser instead of a microkeratome to create the corneal flap. Epi-LASIK, LASEK and PRK differ from LASIK in that they do not involve the creation of a corneal flap. The surgeon takes different approaches to remove the top layer of the cornea (called the epithelium) to access the underlying corneal tissue. In PRK, the epithelium is removed from the eye (the cells later grow back). During Epi-LASIK, the epithelium is pushed to the side of the eye with the use of a mechanical instrument called an epithelial separator. In LASEK, the epithelium is cut with a surgical blade and covered in an alcohol solution to loosen it from the corneal tissue underneath. These LASIK alternatives are suited to patients who do not quality for LASIK, are at greater risk of corneal flap complications or have thin corneas that cannot withstand the creation of the flap.

LASIK in Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Home to 83,000 people, it is known for its pleasant climate, natural beauty, recreational activities and economic opportunities. The dazzling ocean and mountain views coupled with the modern urban center makes Victoria an ideal place to visit; the city is host to over 3 million visitors annually. There is plenty to see after recovering from LASIK surgery in Victoria, including the Royal British Columbia Museum, Craigdarroch Castle, Butchart Gardens and the inner harbor.

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