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Dr. David R. Shapiro

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Shapiro Laser Eye Center

Shapiro Laser Eye Center is a state-of-the-art, full-service eye care center serving patients in the Santa Barbara vicinity. The center's professional team is led by Dr. David R. Shapiro, a well-known, board-certified ophthalmologist who has successfully performed more than 20,000 procedures. Dr. Shapiro focuses exclusively on laser vision correction surgery. He is recognized among his peers as a leading authority on refractive surgery and has been mentioned as one of the world's leading refractive surgeons in EyeWorld. Dr. Shapiro has also been named one of the "Nation's Top Refractive Surgeons" by Primary Care Optometry News. In an international survey from EyeWorld magazine, he was voted one of the "30 World Leaders in LASIK Surgery." In addition, leading laser manufacturer VISX has honored Dr. Shapiro as one of the top laser eye surgeons in the U.S., as has NBC Channel 4 News of Los Angeles, which named him "one of the country's top laser specialists."

Dr. Shapiro is an ophthalmology pioneer who has been active throughout the evolution of refractive surgery technologies. His role in the development of custom wavefront-guided LASIK was pivotal. This important advancement has enabled surgeons to provide more precision when performing LASIK eye surgery. With wavefront technology, surgeons are now able to address the smallest refractive errors (higher-order aberrations). Dr. Shapiro was also one of the world's first surgeons to write about the promising potential of wavefront-guided technology.

Dr. Shapiro underwent refractive surgery himself, which has given him a first-hand familiarity with the patient's perspective, as well as a unique advantage when performing LASIK. To schedule a complimentary appointment with Santa Barbara LASIK surgeon Dr. Shapiro, contact Shapiro Laser Eye Center at (877) 385-5809.

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Additional Information on Shapiro Laser Eye Center

Shapiro Laser Eye Center's exclusive focus on LASIK eye surgery allows Dr. Shapiro to tailor each treatment to the individual patient, with an emphasis on comfort and safety.

Dr. Shapiro's team at Shapiro Laser Eye Center is well-trained; they have worked alongside Dr. Shapiro for the past 17 years, during which time they have helped him successfully complete more than 20,000 procedures.

The leading-edge surgical suite at Shapiro Laser Eye Center includes safety features such as environmental controls to maximize humidity, temperature, air purity and flow rates, as well as an advanced microfiltration system. These technologies help ensure that the atmosphere is suitable for their equipment.

Shapiro Laser Eye Center is home to advanced technologies for laser vision correction such as the VISX CustomVue Wavescan Aberrometer, a leading-edge device that provides Dr. Shapiro with an "optical fingerprint" of the cornea. Dr. Shapiro uses the CustomVue Wavescan Aberrometer to produce a custom 3-D map, or "optical fingerprint," of the cornea, which is later used when calibrating the excimer laser.

The Wavescan Aberrometer is just one of the amazing components that make up the VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser platform. After analyzing the corneal map produced by this device, he makes a small corneal flap and alters the shape of the underlying cornea using the VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser. Finally, the flap is returned to its original location. The procedure takes a few minutes, and most patients experience improved vision shortly thereafter.

Patients who do not qualify for LASIK may be eligible for PRK. In this procedure the laser is applied to the eye's surface, with no corneal flap. Dr. Shapiro will help you decide which surgery is best for you.

More About Dr. Shapiro

Dr. Shapiro completed his medical degree at UCSF School of Medicine, after which he completed his ophthalmology residency at UC Davis. He did a two-year refractive surgery fellowship alongside the esteemed J. Charles Casebeer, MD, often called "the father of modern refractive surgery." Only 13 other surgeons have undergone extensive one-on-one fellowship training with Dr. Casebeer.

Dr. Shapiro has taught advanced refractive surgery methods to more than 1,000 eye surgeons worldwide and continues to provide such instruction to other ophthalmologists. He has served as a visiting instructor at some of the nation's foremost institutions of research and higher learning, including UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Davis and Stanford University. Dr. Shapiro also has lectured on refractive surgery-related subjects at meetings of important industry organizations and academies, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Shapiro is dedicated to the task of identifying and applying new techniques and technologies in ophthalmology and laser eye surgery. He has participated in a number of FDA clinical trials dealing with LASIK surgery and has made important contributions to the design of advanced LASIK instruments. He has also made contributions to refractive surgery textbooks and has published more than 30 articles.

Patients of Dr. Shapiro can feel confident that he brings remarkable surgical talent and many years of experience to every surgery he performs.

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