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LASIK in Richmond for Clear, Vivid Vision

The goal of LASIK eye surgery is to improve the patient's visual acuity and reduce his or her dependence on corrective lenses. Since LASIK received the FDA approval, this procedure has been performed for millions of people worldwide. It possesses a superb record of success, with most LASIK patients achieving visual acuity of 20/20 or better. LASIK is also associated with a very low rate of major complications, and the results of LASIK are permanent.

This directory lists some of the more experienced LASIK surgeons in Richmond, Virginia. These laser eye surgery specialists have helped numerous patients realize their dreams of crisp, vivid vision through LASIK surgery. If you have been considering LASIK in Richmond, contact one of these LASIK surgeons to set up a personal appointment. During your visit, the surgeon will perform a series of eye examinations, ask detailed questions about your medical history, and inquire about your lifestyle needs and preferences. The surgeon will use this information to determine whether you are a LASIK Richmond candidate. If you decide to receive the procedure, the surgeon will create a detailed surgical plan and explain how to prepare for your treatment.

LASIK Alternatives

While LASIK has helped numerous people worldwide, this procedure is not for everyone. However, even if your surgeon tells you that you are not a LASIK candidate, you may still be able to undergo a variation of LASIK, such as PRK, LASEK or Epi-LASIK. If you cannot undergo any type of laser eye surgery, your eye surgeon might recommend a non-laser LASIK alternative, such as RLE or implantable contact lenses procedure (phakic IOLs).

During both RLE and implantable contact lens surgery, implantable lenses are placed within the eyes. The difference is that, during RLE, the natural lenses are removed. This feature makes RLE similar to cataract surgery, during which the patient's lenses are also removed.

Meeting with a Skilled Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Some patients who pursue LASIK are also interested in other elective surgical procedures. For instance, women often dream about enhancing the beauty of their breasts through breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. If you are planning to undergo any of these treatments, consult with a skilled Richmond plastic surgeon, ask plenty of questions, and make sure to review breast implants and breast lift before and after pics of the surgeon's former patients.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.