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Raul A. Peña, MD

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Peña and his staff were terrific, they took great care of me before and after my surgery...I would definitely recommend Dr. Peña to my family and friends." —Eddie Lucio, Jr., Texas State Senator (District 27)

"Dr. Peña is the best. He gave me the greatest gift of all, my sight back. Now I see better than 20/20, and don't have to hassle with contacts or glasses." —Brenna Gethers, American Idol S5 Finalist

"Peña vision is awesome! It's like having your glasses on but you don't. I see better now! 20/15, that's better than 20/20. This is better than what I could see before with glasses." —Stephen Peña, Dr. Peña's Son

"I visited the local doctors and their staff. The Peña Eye Institute is top-notch. I encourage all considering IntraLasik to visit with Doctor Raul Peña." —Donald Crisp

"Prior to the surgery, my lifestyle was being greatly affected by my use of contacts and/or glasses. Should I return to Iraq, the concerns of keeping my contacts clean and eyes free of infection or disease will no longer be a fear. My only regret is I didn't do it sooner. Thanks to Dr. Peña and his Eye Institute, I have my life back and I'll be able to enjoy seeing my kids a whole lot better." —Andres Garza

"Before the IntraLASIK procedure I could not see far, but after the procedure I could see near and distant objects. It's great not having to wear glasses anymore. Dr. Peña did a great job." —Noelia Olivarez

LASIK Rio Grande Valley – Serving patients seeking bladeless LASIK eye surgery in the Rio Grande Valley and the surrounding area

Dr. Raul Peña, MD, is an experienced ophthalmologist who provides blade-free LASIK (also known as IntraLASIK) surgeries, as well as other refractive surgeries, to patients throughout the Rio Grande Valley. By using the latest bladeless surgery techniques at his state-of-the-art practice, the Peña Eye Institute, Dr. Peña helps patients eliminate or reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. He offers two LASIK options: blade-free LASIK and Zyoptix custom blade-free LASIK.

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Considered the safest and most precise form of LASIK, the bladeless procedure uses a laser, instead of a blade, to reshape the cornea so that it can properly focus light on the eye's retina for clearer vision. The Zyoptix custom blade-free LASIK procedure is further customized by creating a personalized map of the individual patient's eye. This unique eye diagram is then used to program the excimer laser, guiding it during the surgery to treat patient-specific eye defects, including "high order" aberrations that cause night vision problems and glare, among other problems.

Dr. Peña believes in giving personalized attention to each of his LASIK patients. He takes the time to provide his patients with detailed information on the LASIK surgery procedure, or any vision correction procedure they may be considering, beforehand. In so doing, Dr. Peña has become known for creating a comfortable, open environment where patients feel secure and confident with the high quality of care they are receiving. With this level of care, it is no wonder that he is the official IntraLASIK surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys, having successfully performed IntraLASIK surgery on many of the team's players!

If you are interested in learning more about your LASIK surgery options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Peña by contacting the Peña Eye Institute at (877) 880-4136.

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Raul A. Peña is the official IntraLasik Surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys

More about Dr. Raul Peña

Dr. Raul Peña attended the University of Cincinnati, where he served as Chief Resident of Ophthalmology. He also trained at Scott and White Memorial Hospital at the Texas A&M College of Medicine and conducted research at the Retina Institute of Maryland in Baltimore. At his laser surgery eye center, Peña Eye Institute, Dr. Peña provides blade-free laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, and anterior segment surgery to patients in McAllen, Texas and throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Dr. Peña is also proud to be the exclusive IntraLASIK surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys, having successfully performed IntraLASIK surgery on many of the team's players. He has also successfully performed IntraLASIK surgery on countless other football players from Houston. Dr. Peña delights in helping all types of patients achieve an overall better quality of life through clearer vision and a reduced dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

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