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Dr. Mark R. Young

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Meet Dt. Mark Young.

The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute was founded by Drs. John & James Liu in January 2006 and is currently led under the ophthalmology expertise of Dr. Mark Young, M.D. Dr. Mark Young specializes in blade-free iLASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment and cosmetic eyelid surgeries, and has served the Nebraska community for over 18 years. Dr. Young is Lincoln’s first blade-free iLASIK surgeon to utilize the IntraLase iFS laser, the most advanced blade-free laser technology to date. Dr. Young is assisted by Dr. Staci Hanus, LELI’s premier optometrist since 2007.

What Is iLASIK?

The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute offers the state-of-the-art laser vision correction procedure known as iLASIK. iLASIK is a revolutionary procedure that combines the advanced wavefront-guided laser vision correction technology of the Abbott Medical Optics CustomVue laser with the safety and precision of the IntraLase iFS laser. The resulting iLASIK is the ultimate LASIK, with unmatched precision and safety.

iLASIK Surgery Suite

At LELI, iLASIK is an all-laser procedure, involving zero blades. Because iLASIK is truly wavefront guided, it can provide sharper vision by treating your higher-order aberrations. This is something that glasses, contacts, and other forms of wavefront “optimized” lasers cannot treat. We are proud to be the first and only vision center in Nebraska to offer the iFS. Because the iFS is almost three times faster than the older 60Khz IntraLase lasers, our patients experience quicker treatment times and much less discomfort. The iFS laser can create flaps with much smoother beds in a record-low ten seconds with the entire iLASIK procedure taking only 10 minutes.

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iLASIK In Two Steps

True custom treatment begins with the acquisition of your optical errors using WaveScan technology that can identify even the most minute imperfections in your vision to improve your outcomes beyond 20/20 and enhance experiences like your night vision.

iLASIK- Pre-Treatment

The WaveScan creates a 3D map of the imperfections in each eye so that we can custom fit your treatment to your individual eye. The WaveScan measures your refractive error 25 times more accurately than standard methods. Your WaveScan map is essentially a fingerprint of your vision.

iLASIK Step 1

Next, the IntraLase iFS laser is used to create a flap in your cornea that is then secured back for the treatment by the VISX STAR S4 laser. This blade-free method allows more patients to see 20/15. The iFS laser is the fastest of all the IntraLase lasers and the most advanced. It is available in Nebraska only at our laser centers in Omaha and Lincoln.

iLASIK Step 2

The captured errors are then used to formulate a wavefront-guided treatment plan that will maximize your vision to its true potential. The VISX Star S4 leaves nothing to chance and provides active pupil tracking and even compensates for eye rotation in the event of eye movement during treatment.

More About Laser Eye Surgery at the Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute

Each patient is meticulously examined to determine the best option for vision correction surgery. For LASIK surgery, the CustomVue Excimer Laser System from VISX is used. Each patient's eye has a unique curvature, similar to a "fingerprint" for the eye. The CustomVue system provides a highly accurate measure of this eye fingerprint, and creates a customized laser profile to correct each eye. To create the corneal flap, the "All Laser LASIK" or "Blade Free LASIK" system from IntraLASE is offered. The combination of the surgeons extensive experience, CustomVue and IntraLASE provides for the most precise and safe result. For those patients who do not qualify for LASIK, the Visian ICL (implantable contact lens) is available. These surgeons also offer the most advanced IOL technology for their cataract patients, the ReSTOR, ReZOOM, and Crystalens lenses, which provide simultaneous correction for reading and distance vision. For implant surgery, they use the highly advanced no needle, no stitch technique.

Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute is a comprehensive eyecare facility also providing care for eye diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration, as well as facial cosmetic procedures, such as BOTOX, laser skin resurfacing, and eyelid surgery.

More About the Surgeons of Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute

Mark R. Young, MD
Dr. Mark R. Young obtained his medical degree at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha. He fulfilled his ophthalmology residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences in Denver, Colo. Dr. Young earned certification by the American Board of Ophthalmology in 1996, and has been in private practice for over 16 years. As a general ophthalmologist, Dr. Young has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of ophthalmic procedures, including anterior segment surgery. He also offers LASIK, all-laser cataract surgery with the option of premium multifocal intraocular lens implants (IOLs), pterygium surgery, glaucoma filtering surgery and eyelid plastic surgery, as well as several other vision correction procedures. He belongs to the Academy of Ophthalmology.

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