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Dr. Richard Norden

Dr. Norden provides optimal vision-correction results with the most advanced technology and expertise, along with his vast experience and friendly care.

Dr. Norden is a board-certified cornea and refractive surgery specialist and a nationally recognized expert in LASIK vision correction. Before dedicating his practice solely to refractive surgery, Dr. Norden performed hundreds of highly technical cornea transplant surgeries which required exacting precision and skill. Always at the forefront of laser eye surgery, Dr. Norden was the first LASIK eye surgeon in New Jersey to perform Custom LASIK, the most precise LASIK option available. He has been the recipient of the prestigious VISX Star Award as one of the top 100 LASIK eye surgeons in the country and is listed in the Castle Connolly Guide "How To Find the Best Doctors in the New York Metro Area."

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More About Norden Laser Eye Associates

What sets Norden Laser Eye Associates apart from other practices is the patient experience. It all starts with your consultation. Dr. Norden will personally examine you and review the results with you. Unlike other laser centers, Dr. Norden performs every surgery and is the only doctor you will see each and every visit. The day of your procedure, you will realize that you are about to embark on a very special experience. It begins with a full deep body massage. You'll drift off as our massage chair gently kneads your muscles and massages every portion of your body, from head to toe. Your senses will be enveloped in a bouquet of exotic fragrances as you succumb to the calming serenity of aromatherapy. Your harmonious journey continues as you are surrounded by the sounds of music that you have personally selected to enjoy during the procedure. The hand-painted murals that adorn the ceiling are both comforting and calming and provide you with an aura of peaceful tranquility. It's all part of the extraordinary Norden experience that culminates in the wonderful gift of restored vision.

Patient Testimonials

"Having covered the Mets for a few years, I have witnessed my share of errors. Still, I couldn't see the biggest "E" of them all. Without my glasses on, the "E" that stands alone the eye chart looked like some sort of Rosarch ink blot test. Now that I've gotten the requisite sports reference out of the way, I'd like to thank you and your staff for my new vision. Your courtesy and thoroughness stood out throughout the short process. Not one question I had went unanswered, which is a much higher success rate than I usually have. Before my procedure, I was told the most important aspect in picking a doctor is making sure they had numbers, that they had performed LASIK countless times. This advice couldn't be more accurate. I would recommend you to anyone who asked, because I am fully satisfied and seeing superbly." —Andrew Marchand, Sports Reporter, New York Post

"I asked a lot of questions and did my research before choosing a doctor. Everything went exactly the way Dr. Norden said it would." —Lee Terrell, President, Van Heusen

"This is one of the best things that ever happened to me. My life with glasses and contact lenses will not be missed." —Kimberly Ann Pressler, Miss USA 1999

"I was a slave to contact lenses before Dr. Norden freed me." —Dyan Machan-Berns, Associate Editor, Fortune Magazine

"LASIK restored my vision like magic! The freedom I feel at work and during athletic activities is the best gift I ever received." —Jim Hahn, D.M.D., Endodontist

More About Dr. Norden

Dr. Norden received his training at the prestigious New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in corneal and refractive surgery. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at UMDNJ and Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at New York Medical School. Dr. Norden served many years as Medical Director of the New Jersey Eye Bank and was past President of The Cornea and Kerato-Refractive Society of New Jersey. Recently, Dr. Norden was invited to Moscow to lecture on the latest techniques in laser surgery before some of the leading ophthalmologists in the world.

As a leading LASIK surgery provider, Dr. Norden has unsurpassed experience in refractive surgery, which has led to his being featured in numerous television broadcasts, magazines, New Jersey newspapers, and the New York Times.

Dr. Norden is a member of numerous professional organizations.

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