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Dr. Mark Medownick

Serving patients seeking laser eye surgery vision correction in East Melbourne, Richmond, Melbourne CBD, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Echuca Geelong Shepparton, Albury, Wodonga, Greater Melbourne Victoria

Mark Medownick, MD, FAAO, FRACS, is a specialist eye surgeon who is considered an innovator in the field of laser vision correction. He was the first refractive surgeon in Australia to offer laser eye surgery to correct farsightedness and was invited to present his results at the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists. Dr. Medownick dedicated 12 years to the pursuit of advanced general and ophthalmological training and has been helping patients achieve clear vision for more than 25 years. Over the course of his career he has studied under the mentorship of some of the world's leading refractive surgeons, including Dr. Miles Galin, one of the founding members of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. His constant quest to provide his patients with the latest in Laser Eye Surgery technology and techniques has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted laser vision correction surgeons in Melbourne.

Dr. Medownick and his expert team perform all laser eye surgery vision correction procedures at Medownick Laser Clinic at Epworth Medical Centre, a leading-edge surgical suite that is fully equipped with some of the most sophisticated technologies available today. He also offers a wide range of advanced refractive eye care procedures, including refractive lensectomy with intraocular lens implants (IOLs), implantable contact lenses, presbyopia laser treatments and Medownick Low Stress Cataract Surgery.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation at Medownick Laser Clinic and learn more about your vision correction options, benefits and risks of vision correction in your particular case, please contact us at (03) 9429-3566 or toll free at (1800) 37 39 37.

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More About Vision Correction at Medownick Laser Clinic

To deliver excellent vision correction results, Dr. Medownick utilizes the state-of-the-art Allegretto Wave Eye-Q excimer laser. This is one of the safest, most effective lasers currently available. The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q has the ability to correct vision beyond 20/20 through a high-speed eye tracking device with Perfect Pulse Technology, which is a precise, ultra-thin laser pulse used to reshape the corneal surface. This revolutionary laser offers maximum precision, a high level of comfort and the possibility of achieving near-perfect vision.

Prior to the procedure at Medownick Laser Clinic, each patient is closely examined to make sure he or she is a suitable candidate for laser vision correction surgery. During this complimentary appointment, we take precise measurements of the eye with leading-edge wavefront technology, which helps us detect even the smallest imperfections of the cornea. On the day of the surgery we repeat all tests, and administer a mild oral sedative for maximum comfort and relaxation, along with a topical eye anesthetic. Most patients who undergo Laser Eye Surgery Vision Correction with Dr. Medownick experience improved vision shortly after the procedure. Most patients at Medownick Laser Clinic have better than 20/20 vision after Laser Eye Surgery.

More About Mark Medownick, MD, FAAO, FRACS

Mark Medownick, MD, FAAO, FRACS, completed his medical degree at Melbourne University, where he continued to study medicine and conduct ophthalmology research for more than a decade. During this time, he participated in the development of specular microscopy, a technique designed to assist in studying the inner layer of the cornea, at the Corneal Diseases Unit of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. Dr. Medownick traveled to the United States and Europe to further enhance his knowledge by studying alongside some of the most skilled eye surgeons in the world. Upon his return, Dr. Medownick started his private practice at Epworth Medical Centre, where he continues to provide excellent vision correction options and eye care procedures. He worked closely with Epworth Hospital, a world-leading health care institution. Dr. Medownick is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and a founding member of the Australasian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. He is also a proud member of several professional organizations, including the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists, the Australian Association of Surgeons, the Australian Medical Association, the International Society of Refractive Surgery, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the French Ophthalmological Association.

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