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Dr. Gus Stern

What Do Patients Say About Their Experiences With Dr. Stern?

"This is THE place to go for eye care. Their office is immaculate and everyone was very friendly to me. I had an amazing experience undergoing LASIK here and I know a bunch of my family friends who had their cataract surgery done here with great results.

"I'm glad that we finally have some eye expertise in the Hagerstown area. I don't have to drive East anymore for my eye care, which is great for my car :-) I recommend this place to all of my family and friends." —Jessica B.

"A Big THANK YOU to Doctor Augustus "Gus" Stern and Staff at the Maryland Eye Institute for the very professional care and excellent results I received from the two recent eye procedures. I am thoroughly enjoying the modern miracle of better vision.

"On May 15, 2013 I underwent the new Blade-Free Custom Lasik Surgery on my left eye and on May 20th I had the all Laser Cataract Surgery on my right eye. Having to wear glasses to have normal vision for the past 64 years (since age 4), it's been a wonderful experience to wake up in the morning and see clearly. Normal everyday functions such as driving, reading, swimming and golf are so much more enjoyable.

"Neither of the two procedures caused any significant amount of discomfort and I was surprised at how well I could see the following day. I would heartily recommend your services to anyone who wants to improve their vision and their outlook on life.

"It certainly has made me feel like a new man." —Ronald N.

"This was one of the greatest experiences...All associates of Maryland Vision Institute were a pleasure to deal with. All my questions were answered and I was given the peace of mind to make this life changing decision to have the procedure performed. After all...what is more precious than our sight? So very glad that Dr Stern chose to come 'back home' to Maryland." —Steven M.

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Gus Stern, MD, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist treating Hagerstown/Chambersburg/Waynesboro/Martinsburg/Cumberland/Frederick LASIK patients. He has performed more than 8,000 refractive surgical procedures. In 2010, the Forbes Custom publishing site selected Dr. Stern as a "leading LASIK surgeon in the United States." He is one of the only surgeons in the region to offer blade-free LASIK surgery. Dr. Stern is also the only surgeon in the area to offer the most technologically advanced approach to LASIK, which utilizes the Alcon WaveLight laser during custom blade-free LASIK surgery. Dr. Stern combines innovative technology with a thoughtful manner to provide patients with exceptional laser vision correction results.

After his ophthalmology residency, Dr. Stern completed a cornea fellowship. This is an additional and optional year of training during which surgeons concentrate on learning surgical techniques involving the cornea. LASIK is a corneal surgical technique. This is the only fellowship in ophthalmology in which LASIK is studied. Dr. Stern is one of the only eye surgeons in the area to have completed a cornea fellowship. Following his fellowship, he worked for four years at Mann Eye Institute, one of the largest and highest-volume LASIK practices in Houston, Texas, where he gained extensive LASIK experience. In 2012, Dr. Stern took over Maryland Vision Institute in Hagerstown, Md., where he is the medical director and owner. Once a month, Dr. Stern also travels to Vision Care of Maine ( in Bangor, Maine, where, as director of cornea services, he performs corneal transplants and LASIK surgeries. Dr. Stern enjoys teaching LASIK to other surgeons and is the refractive editorial head of the most popular board review website in ophthalmology:

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Dr. Stern is certified on all three major brands of excimer lasers used in the United States: Nidek's EC5000, AMO's VISX, and Alcon's Wavelight. He is certified on all of the major brands of femtosecond lasers: Alcon's FS200, AMO's Intralase, and Ziemer's Femto LDV. He is also certified on the following microkeratomes: Hansatome, Moria's One-Use Plus, and the Nidek microkeratome. He is one of the few surgeons in the country certified on this many LASIK machines, and has chosen to use nothing but the best in his own practice: "blade-free" LASIK with Alcon's Wavelight laser. Dr. Stern's superb eye care experience is matched by his compassion and dedication to his patients. "It's a great feeling when the patients wake up the next morning and are truly amazed with their vision," he says. "That's one of the best parts of being an ophthalmologist!"

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