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Dr. Bruce January

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San Antonio LASIK patients turn to Dr. Bruce January, a prominent, board-certified ophthalmologist at The LASIK Vision Institute™ in San Antonio, Texas, for all their vision correction needs. With more than 15 years of eye care experience, Dr. January is esteemed for his expertise in the field. He has completed more than 90,000 refractive surgeries thus far, and administers nearly 600 LASIK procedures every month. The American Academy of Ophthalmology awarded Dr. January its Lifelong Education Award. He is also a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, a well-respected organization comprised of scholarly physicians. KRIV Fox TV Houston has featured Dr. January numerous times, enlisting his expert medical opinion.

The San Antonio The LASIK Vision Institute is outfitted with the latest in laser eye care technology. The San Antonio office is not only equipped with leading-edge laser technology, but also includes an in-house laboratory and a caring professional team. By staying up to date with advancements in laser technology and working in conjunction with his knowledge staff, Dr. January is able to provide sophisticated laser vision correction in a comfortable environment. In addition to LASIK, Dr. January also offers PRK and LASEK at The LASIK Vision Institute™.

To learn more about your laser vision correction options or to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. January, please contact The LASIK Vision Institute™ at (800) 983-9741 today.

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More About Vision Correction at The LASIK Vision Institute™

At The LASIK Vision Institute™ in San Antonio, Dr. January offers patients customized laser vision correction. He utilizes the VISX CustomVue wavefront system to correct various refractive errors for a variety of individuals.

What Do Patients Say About Bruce January?

"AWESOME JOB!! You're super kind, and I love that I can see without my contacts! LOVE IT every day!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!" —-Kimberly

"Dr. January performed my laser eye surgery in 1996!!! As a matter of fact, I was his very first laser eye surgery patient! My vision after surgery was better than 20/20 and it's still great 16 years later! His skills and abilities have stood the test of time for sure! Thank you Dr. January for the sight you have given me for ALL these years!" —Terri

"I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. January! Very fun guy, makes you feel at ease. Thank you so much for educating me and giving my vision back! So life changing!" —Sandy

Prior to starting the LASIK procedure, Dr. January maps out each patient's refractive error by using the wavefront system. This extremely sophisticated diagnostic technology allows him to distinguish tiny refractive errors called higher order aberrations. The surgeon takes this information into account when he calibrates the excimer laser that he will use to re-contour the patient's corneas during the LASIK procedure.

To start LASIK surgery, Dr. January makes a small flap in the cornea with a microkeratome (i.e., a surgical blade). He next lifts the corneal flap and uses the adjusted excimer laser to re-sculpt the tissue underneath. In this fashion, he treats the refractive error that is the source of the patient's farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. As soon as Dr. January is satisfied with the newly sculpted cornea, he replaces the flap, which will eventually re-seal itself to the eye without the need for sutures.

The San Antonio LASIK patients that Dr. January treats typically remark that they did not feel any pain during the quick procedure. Also, 98 percent of The LASIK Vision Institute™ clients that undergo LASIK with VISX technology acquire at least 20/20 vision within one year after surgery. Many patients are also happy to discover that they do not need contact lenses or prescription glasses following LASIK.

More About Bruce January, MD

Bruce January, MD, received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee. Dr. January next completed his ophthalmology residency at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. After fulfilling his ophthalmologic training, Dr. January helped found several refractive surgery centers throughout the southeast portion of the United States, from Orlando, Fla., to El Paso, Texas.

Dr. January currently holds the position of medical director of The LASIK Vision Institute™ in San Antonio, Houston and Kansas City. In addition, he is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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