Lincoln LASIK Surgeons – Lincoln (NE) Laser Eye Surgery

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Consulting a Reputable Lincoln LASIK Surgeon

Every year, numerous individuals decide to pursue laser eye surgery in the hopes of eliminating their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. After consulting with an experienced Lincoln laser eye surgeon, they find out that this surgery involves many important decisions and careful preparation. Perhaps the most important decision a prospective patient has to make is the selection of a reliable LASIK surgeon. However, the decision-making process does not end here because the patient and the surgeon also have to choose which type of refractive laser surgery to pursue. At this point, the knowledge of a skilled LASIK surgeon becomes invaluable, as he or she will evaluate the minutest aspects of the patient's eye health and refractive errors and recommend the best procedure. For example, the surgeon might suggest that patients with thin corneas undergo PRK or LASEK eye surgery instead of the traditional LASIK. In other cases, the Lincoln LASIK surgeons might inform the patients that he or she is not a candidate for any type of laser eye surgery due to an eye disease such as glaucoma.

In addition to being regarded as foremost Lincoln laser eye surgery providers, many of these surgeons also perform cataract surgery. This procedure helps cataract patients permanently eliminate the haziness associated with cataracts and to achieve clear vision. Cataract surgery is typically performed on one eye at a time. After preparing the eye, the surgeon removes the patient's clouded natural lens and replaces it with an artificial lens implant known as an intraocular lens (IOL). The latest IOLs, such as ReSTOR, Crystalens or Toric, allow patients to see clearly at various distances. The procedure is typically completed in less than an hour, and most patients enjoy clear vision within a few days of their treatments.

Lincoln – Destination for LASIK and Plastic Surgery Patients

As the capital of Nebraska, Lincoln is home to many of the area's foremost LASIK and cataract surgeons, cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons. Many patients who travel to Lincoln for their eye treatments decide to use the opportunity to also consult with other elective procedure providers. For example, individuals who have been hurt in accidents and have incurred unsightly scars as a result often desire to talk to a skilled plastic surgeon about scar revision procedures. When performed by a highly trained Lincoln cosmetic surgeon, scar removal treatments can dramatically improve both the physical appearance and psychological well-being of victims of DWI accidents, burn injuries, slip-and-fall accidents and assaults.

A Visitor's Guide to Lincoln, Nebraska

While recovering after their procedures in Lincoln, many visiting patients decide to learn more about this friendly Midwest city. Lincoln was initially known as Lancaster, but the city was renamed Lincoln after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1866. The city continues to honor the memory of President Lincoln by featuring several monuments and museums dedicated to the visionary politician. In addition to providing numerous entertainment options for history buffs, Lincoln also offers a host of sports events and numerous inviting outdoor spaces for people preferring active lifestyles. The city boasts more than 6,000 acres of public parks that include public golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and many lakes, as well as nearly 80 miles of scenic biking and hiking trails. Lincoln also offers unique shopping opportunities for visitors interested in a more leisurely form of recreation. The Historic Haymarket in downtown Lincoln is a popular destination featuring many unique boutiques, antique shops and art galleries, along with outstanding restaurants and Nebraska's very first microbrewery.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.