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Laser Eye Surgery in Southern New Jersey

Carol J. Hoffman, MD, and Anthony C. Zacchei, MD, are board-certified ophthalmologists specializing in various forms of laser eye surgery. Drs. Hoffman and Zacchei have completed extensive academic and hands-on training, graduating from medical school with Alpha Omega Alpha honors. They combine their advanced knowledge with leading-edge LASIK technologies and impeccable patient care to consistently deliver excellent vision correction results.

Drs. Hoffman and Zacchei, along with the other eye surgeons of Kremer Eye Center, have many years' experience performing LASIK surgery. Committed to remaining abreast of the latest advances in the field of laser eye surgery, they regularly participate in FDA clinical trials and research projects. Their dedication reflects the forward-looking philosophy of Kremer Eye Center — a leading eye care practice whose surgeons were the first in North America to perform LASIK and the first in Delaware to perform radial keratotomy (a forerunner of LASIK).

In order to maximize their patients' visual freedom, Drs. Hoffman and Zacchei perform customized LASIK treatments focused on achieving sharp vision without glasses. This approach, combined with their surgical expertise, draws numerous patients from New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States.

Customized All-Laser LASIK Treatments at Kremer Eye Center

Drs. Hoffman and Zacchei offer several forms of LASIK surgery, including the advanced all-laser LASIK. This treatment does not involve the use of any mechanical blades, instead relying on a sophisticated laser (IntraLase) to create the corneal flap. Drs. Hoffman and Zacchei prefer IntraLase because it produces a more uniform, even corneal flap. This in turn reduces the risk of flap-related complications and leads to better vision after LASIK.

In addition to the IntraLase laser, the state-off-the-art, temperature-controlled facilities of Kremer Eye Center feature an excimer laser platform with wavefront technology. The excimer laser is used to reshape patients' corneas during LASIK. Correcting the shape of the cornea makes it possible for the eye to properly refract light rays, which is vital to ensuring optimum vision.

The surgeons of Kremer Eye Center use the wavefront technology to create a unique three-dimensional map of each patient's corneas. This map reveals even the smallest imperfections in corneal shape. The surgeons use the wavefront map to calibrate the excimer laser so that it delivers a customized treatment designed to address each patient's unique vision correction needs.

Comprehensive Eye Care in South New Jersey

As a premier vision correction and eye care practice, Kremer Eye Center offers a comprehensive array of treatments. In addition to LASIK, the center's surgeons also perform LASEK and PRK. For patients who cannot undergo any type of laser eye surgery, they offer the Verisyse lens implant procedure. Kremer Eye Center's eye surgeons are also highly experienced at performing conductive keratoplasty for the treatment of presbyopia — a condition that causes blurry near vision in most people over the age of 40. In addition, they specialize in glaucoma therapy, clear lens extraction treatment and cataract surgery with sophisticated lens implants, such as ReZoom, ReSTOR and Crystalens.

Kremer Eye Center also offers a variety of cosmetic treatments for the eyes and face, including Botox injections.

If you would like to learn more about your vision correction options and find out whether you qualify for LASIK, schedule a free personal consultation with Dr. Hoffman or Dr. Zacchei by calling Kremer Eye Center at (800) 863-7954.

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More About the Skilled LASIK Surgeons of Kremer Eye Center

Carol Hoffman, MD – Corneal Specialist

Carol J. Hoffman, MD, earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware, graduating with Phi Beta Kappa honors. She completed her medical degree at Jefferson Medical College, graduating cum laude and Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Hoffman subsequently completed an ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Wills Eye Hospital. She specializes in leading-edge laser eye surgery procedures and serves as the Medical Director of the Kremer Eye Centers in New Jersey and Delaware.

Anthony Zacchei, MD, examines a patient for glaucoma.

Anthony C. Zacchei, MD, earned his undergraduate and medical degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College. Dr. Zacchei was among a select group of high school students accepted directly into medical school. He completed the undergraduate and Doctor of Medicine programs in only six years, graduating magna cum laude and Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Zacchei furthered his knowledge of ophthalmology by studying at Wills Eye Hospital. He completed a residency at Emory University in Atlanta, as well as an advanced surgical fellowship at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami. Dr. Zacchei is the author of numerous scientific articles exploring various aspects of refractive surgery, and he frequently lectures on the latest developments in ophthalmology both nationally and abroad. At Kremer Eye Center, Dr. Zacchei specializes in LASIK eye surgery, as well as complex forms of cataract and glaucoma surgery.

Michael A. Aronsky, MD, completed his undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania. He received a medical degree from South Florida College of Medicine, after which he completed an ophthalmology residency at the Freidenwald Eye Institute in Maryland and a specialty fellowship in cornea and refractive surgery at the prestigious Case Western Reserve University and the University Hospitals of Cleveland. Dr. Aronsky is the co-author of several ophthalmology textbooks, and he has also published a number of scientific articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. Dr. Aronsky frequently serves as an investigator for FDA clinical trials.

George R. Pronesti, MD, earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Thomas Jefferson University, School of Medicine. Dr. Pronesti completed his formal education by serving an ophthalmology residency at Freidenwald Eye Institute in Maryland. He has published a number of medical articles, and he serves as a clinical investigator for various FDA clinical trials. Before joining Kremer Eye Center as an Associate Director, Dr. Pronesti served as a Vice Chairman in the Ophthalmology Department of Maryland General Hospital, where he was responsible for providing instruction to refractive eye surgeons in training.

The eye surgeons of Kremer Eye Center are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. They are members of leading ophthalmology organizations, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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