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Dr. Ants Haavel

Serving patients seeking laser vision correction, sbk-LASIK, LASIK, Epi-Lasik in Tallinn and the surrounding area

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Top quality laser procedure at KSA Vision Clinic.

Ants Haavel, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and skilled surgeon who strives to successfully restore the vision of each patient by utilizing the latest technology available in LASIK vision correction procedures. As Chief of the Estonian Eye Foundation, Dr. Haavel has performed more than 17,000 refractive surgeries and has earned a reputation for excellence due to his surgical skill and outstanding results. He is committed to continuing education, and therefore regularly attends vision correction courses, which help him keep up with the latest developments in his field.

Dr. Haavel performs laser vision correction procedures at KSA Vision Clinic in Tallinn. This leading-edge surgical suite is among the top European excimer laser facilities based on quality of care and number of patients served. In fact, KSA is the leading provider of laser procedures among the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The facility has earned a certificate of high quality from Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a global accreditation program devoted to making healthcare clinics both safe and effective. Since 2006, KSA Vision Clinic has been operating under ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard which ensures highest quality in every stage of the treatment. Dr. Haavel and his team of experts at KSA Vision Clinic specialize in treating nearsightedness and offer LASIK as well as blade free and non-contact laser correction surgeries.

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More About Vision Correction at KSA Vision Clinic

Every laser procedure performed in KSA Vision Clinic is preceded by comprehensive eye examinations, which determine the suitability of the laser procedure for each patient. This minimizes potential risks, ensures the best results and reduces the need for repeated procedures (less than 1 percent at KSA). Laser eye procedures will be performed at KSA only after making sure that particular procedure is absolutely suitable for that person.

Everyone at KSA Vision Clinic is a true fan of ophthalmology and will make a stay at the clinic truly comfortable and ensure that the outcome of the laser procedure will be the best possible.

With the experience of more than 17,000 successful laser procedures, KSA Vision Clinic provides the best treatment available.

KSA Vision Clinic uses the best technology to achieve top quality results. KSA specialists visit the best known European vision clinics, laser manufacturers and recognized physicians on a regular basis in order to test new equipment and analyse the treatment results. As a result of that the technological base of KSA Vision Clinic is supplemented almost every year. Since 2012 the procedures at KSA are performed with Schwind Amaris 750S Excimer laser.

KSA Vision Clinic aims at being one of the top three excimer laser clinics in Europe, both in terms of treatment quality and customer service. Every year the employees of KSA visit various vision clinics all over the world to gain experience in how to further improve the customer service of KSA. Today, we can state with absolute certainty that all of our patients are provided with world-class service.

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What Do Patients Say About Dr. Haavel?

"I went through the laser procedure in KSA Eye Centre using the Epi-K method at the end of June. I got used to life without glasses so quickly that I couldn't even understand how it was possible for me to wake up in the morning and not see clearly. I've forgotten the 11-year period of my life when I used glasses by now. I would like to thank you and all the staff. It was a really positive experience." —Helina H.

"I guess I'm not an average patient, because I didn't wear glasses even though my eyes were both negative and positive. I had glasses but they were too uncomfortable to get used to. So I squinted like mad for years. All I got was frequent headaches and moist eyes. So finally I got myself together and went to a consultation. On the first consultation I didn't get a straight answer whether the operation could help me or not. I was told to wait for their call and the more I waited the more I hoped for a positive answer. Then it came and soon it was time for the operation. I was scared because I had read different experiences and all the things they do to you. Actually the procedure itself was really interesting and there was no reason to fear. On that very evening I surprisingly found that I can see and I didn't have to squint! Now, as almost three weeks have passed, believe it or not – I have no headaches and my eyes don't 'cry.' I would like to thank all the employees of KSA for a splendid and professional service! I wish you the best!" —Urme R.

"If I had only known things will go so smoothly, I would have come here before! Recovery, like the operation, has been smoother than I hoped for and I can see the world clearer than ever before :) I'm still getting used to life without glasses. Besides great sight I also got a load of positive energy and an experience worth remembering, which I've already shared with my friends and colleagues." —Triin T.

Dr. Haavel is an active member of the ASCRS.

Dr. Ants Haavel, MD

More About Ants Haavel, MD

Ants Haavel, MD, completed his medical degree at the University of Tartu in Estonia, one of the highest ranked universities in the Baltics. He served his ophthalmology residency at the Eye Clinic of Tallinn Central Hospital. Dr. Haavel is a member of several professional organizations, including the Estonian Medical Association, the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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