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Fort Lauderdale LASIK Surgery

Patients who struggle with eyeglasses and contacts often visit a top Fort Lauderdale LASIK surgeon for an alternative vision correction method. The best laser eye surgery Fort Lauderdale providers use some of the most advanced technologies available and have superior experience producing crystal-clear vision. In many cases, a top LASIK Ft. Lauderdale surgeon will also offer other refractive surgeries to treat patients who are not eligible for traditional LASIK, such as LASEK or PRK. With a highly skilled refractive surgeon, patients are able to eliminate their need for eyeglasses or contacts and achieve clearer vision.

Because the best LASIK Ft. Lauderdale surgeons are trained on sophisticated medical technologies, they often offer additional procedures. Many patients get their vision corrected as well as receive anti-aging injectable fillers, such as Botox or Restylane, in one visit. Others choose to undergo laser treatments. Patients can eliminate unwanted body hair with laser hair removal, or remove unwanted tattoos with tattoo removal.

Traveling to Ft. Lauderdale for Laser Eye Surgery

Once patients have achieved restored vision, they often desire to remain in Ft. Lauderdale to explore its numerous sights. Fort Lauderdale is a popular vacation destination for many tourists due to its warm, tropical climate and beautiful beaches. It also has a detailed canal system that has earned the city the nickname, "Venice of America." The city accommodates visitors and locals alike with the Broward County Transit system. The expansive Broward County Transit, also known as the "BCT" by the locals, is the second largest transit system in the state of Florida. In addition to Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Broward County, the bus system also travels to Miami and Palm Beach.

Because of its sunny weather and great public transportation systems, many students looking to further their education travel to Fort Lauderdale for college. Ft. Lauderdale is close to several highly regarded universities, including Keiser University, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Nova Southeastern University. Serving as the fourth largest independent university in the Southeast, Nova Southeastern University attracts many students to its esteem postgraduate programs, including its law and medical schools.

Additional Cosmetic Procedures in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Achieving restored vision can inspire many patients to undergo additional elective procedures in the city. Many Palm Beach LASIK patients seek a board-certified plastic surgeon to change the appearance of their bodies or faces. A rhinoplasty Fort Lauderdale surgeon can make small changes in the nose to improve the overall aesthetics of the face. A Ft. Lauderdale facelift specialist can help ease the appearance of aging and give patients refreshed, youthful looks. In addition to plastic surgery, some individuals visit Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic dentists to achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

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