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LASIK in Frederick

LASIK is one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in recent history. More than 1 million LASIK surgeries are performed each year throughout the United States, and Frederick, Md., is home to many talented LASIK surgeons. By using an excimer laser to reshape the cornea, Frederick LASIK patients have been able to eliminate or reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. When an eye is in perfect focus, the cornea (outer covering of the eye) and the lens in the eye are able to refract the light rays so that they focus on the back of the eye. If the eye is too short, such as in myopia or nearsightedness, or too long, as in hyperopia or farsightedness, then the light rays are focused either in front of the retina or behind the retina. During the LASIK procedure, the refracting power of the cornea is changed so that the light rays become properly focused. This laser eye surgery procedure creates virtually no pain and patients can typically see better within hours of the procedure. The Frederick LASIK surgeon directory provides a list of the surgeons who offer LASIK in the Frederick area. Please review the profiles of the surgeons and call to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Other common refractive surgery procedures include PRK, epi-LASIK and LASEK. Some of the LASIK specialists listed above are also gifted keratoconus doctors who offer various keratoconus treatment options, including corneal collagen cross linking.

Visiting the Frederick Area for LASIK

Many patients visit Frederick to pursue a consultation with a LASIK surgeon, but they stay to enjoy the many attractions in the local area. Patients who have undergone LASIK surgery typically see an improvement in vision within 24 to 48 hours after surgery. They usually like to make use of their enhanced vision by visiting Baker Park to take in the breathtaking views. Many also visit Carroll Creek Linear Park or hit the links at the Frederick Golf Club. With so much to see and do in Frederick LASIK patients often have a hard time leaving.

Other Enhancement Procedures in Frederick

LASIK Frederick patients often seek other elective procedures in order to enhance their appearance and lifestyle. The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive information about plastic surgery procedures and a directory to help chose a surgeon. The directory lists plastic surgery specialists who have treated many Frederick breast augmentation patients. For cosmetic dentistry procedures and to find cosmetic dentists in Frederick, visit the Consumer Guide to Dentistry.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.