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Dr. William Ellis

LASIK Eye Surgery in San Jose and the surrounding area

Dr. Ellis offers affordable LASIK vision correction procedures and CareCredit financing option for patients who qualify.

Dr. Ellis uses the latest vision correction laser equipment to perform LASIK eye surgery.

William Ellis, MD, FACS, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who is recognized as an innovator in the field of laser eye surgery. Dr. Ellis was one of the first eye surgeons in the United States to perform LASIK, and he pioneered the Epi-LASIK procedure — a variation of LASIK that requires a much smaller flap. Dr. William Ellis has performed more than 50,000 laser eye surgery procedures, and he has been providing San Jose area patients with outstanding vision care for more than 33 years.

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Dr. Ellis has published a wealth of scientific articles about laser eye surgery, and he is also the author of several highly recognized ophthalmology textbooks. His extensive experience and expertise have been recognized by many professional organizations, and he has served as a chair for the panel on the surgical correction of astigmatism at the 26th International Congress of Ophthalmology.

Ellis Eye and Laser Medical Center has been named a "Specialized Astigmatism Center" by Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH (TPV). Read the press release.

Committed to providing exceptional patient care, Dr. Ellis personally performs all refractive eye surgery procedures offered at Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center. At his six surgical suites located throughout Northern California, Dr. Ellis works with his patients to select the procedure that best fits their needs. This may include one of several variations of LASIK, including bladeless LASIK, Epi-LASIK and PRK, or another procedure such as radial keratotomy or refractive lens exchange surgery (RLE). Dr. Ellis also offers cataract surgery with premium IOLs.

Dr. William Ellis encourages you to contact Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center toll free at (866) 624-8767 to schedule a personal consultation. During your appointment, Dr. Ellis will explain your treatment options and recommend the best procedure.

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Dr. Ellis is a distinguished member of several prestigious ophthalmologic organizations.

Custom LASIK Treatments at Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center

Dr. William Ellis specializes in blade-free LASIK eye surgery. This means that, instead of a bladed mechanical instrument, he uses a special laser to accomplish step one of LASIK treatment — the creation of the corneal flap. Step two of the treatment is the reshaping of the underlying corneal tissues. In order to enhance the precision of this step, Dr. Ellis uses a sophisticated diagnostic technology to create a very detailed map of the cornea. This map is unique to each individual and it reflects even the minutest imperfections in the corneal shape. These imperfections are the cause of blurry vision, and the goal of LASIK is to correct them.

Dr. Ellis uses the corneal map to program the Technolas 217 excimer laser — the device that reshapes the cornea using a cool laser beam. After this process is completed, Dr. Ellis replaces the corneal flap into its original position where it serves as a natural bandage. The entire LASIK surgery is completed within minutes, and many patients experience greatly improved vision the very next day.

Dr. William Ellis' Professional Background

William Ellis, MD, FACS, completed his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He then earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Ellis subsequently performed a residency at the Stanford University Medical Center, Department of Ophthalmology, and furthered his knowledge of refractive surgery by studying under Russian professor Svyatoslav Fyodorov, the pioneer of modern radial keratotomy. Dr. Ellis is certified in multiple sub-specialties by the American Board of Ophthalmology and the American College of Eye Surgeons, and he is also a Diplomate in cataract surgery, incision keratotomy and LASIK.

Testimonials from San Jose LASIK Patients

"Many people say that they feel a freedom, and I would say yeah. It is definitely a freedom. We videotaped my surgery; it took eleven minutes to do both eyes. It was painless. It's just an amazing experience. I would recommend it for all of my family, my loved ones. I would do it again, but I know I won't have to." —Bob Lim

"I had heard of Dr. Ellis for so many years and I've heard nothing but good things about him. And I also knew that he was instrumental in developing the procedures.

My concern as a physician was the fact that if the cornea, the outer layer of the cornea scarred then that could be a permanent problem and could distort the vision. But with the LASIK procedure you don't have to worry about that, because there's really no surgery done directly on the outer layer. They go to the inner layer and the outer membrane is basically intact.

I had myopia, the nearsightedness was pretty bad. I also had very bad astigmatism that made it really difficult to even get a good fit with glasses and contacts, sometimes. And he corrected both of them. He has restored me to 20/20 vision." —Claude Marguette

"I researched many doctors. I went to many seminars and I interviewed many doctors and when I discovered Dr. Ellis, I discovered many things about him. Dr. Ellis has been at the forefront of this technology. He has done more surgeries that any of the other doctors I had interviewed and I figured that if I'm going to have this done and if it is something so important as my eyesight, I'm going to go with the best I can find.

It was beyond my expectations and I'm seeing better than I did when I was wearing my glasses. I'm able to see things I couldn't see before." —Fred Turner

"I compared the costs of contacts and glasses to the cost of the surgery and I realized that I would come out even in about two years. And then I realized that I had additional expenses like the dog grabbing the glasses, the kids sitting on the glasses, throwing my contacts out one time, that made it just much more worth it.

Dr. Ellis was very comfortable to talk to. He gave me confidence that this procedure would turn out for me and his whole office was just very nice to work with. They were very kind. I was very scared and they were more than kind in how they took care of me. I had it done, now I see with 20/20 vision and it is wonderful." —Kristen Jones

"My vision is great. I mean, my left eye is 20/20 and right eye is 20/30. It is wonderful to see the freeway signs. It didn't hurt at all. It was quick. It was easy. The thing I like the best is that you get up in the middle of the night, or you wake up first thing in the morning, and you look at the clock and you can see it. You don't have to get up and put your glasses on before you can even see the clock." —Sharon Tocchini

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