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Dr. Joseph W. King has performed more than 60,000 laser eye surgery procedures in his more than 15 years of clinical experience. As a board-certified ophthalmologist and co-founder of Clearly LASIK, now known as King LASIK, a highly respected vision correction practice, he serves patients from throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada seeking correction of refractive errors. Recognized as one of the most skilled and experienced eye surgeons in the region, Dr. King has served as the medical director of several high-profile laser refractive surgery centers in Canada, Washington and California.

Due to his impressive surgical skills, Dr. King is often invited to train other LASIK surgeons as well as to present at major meetings of professional refractive surgery organizations both at home and abroad. In addition, he is proud to have served as a clinical investigator for numerous refractive surgery studies.

As a testament to his skill and dedication to patient safety and optimum outcomes, Dr. King is often the first choice among vision correction patients who rely on clear vision for their occupations, including other refractive surgeons and physicians, professional athletes, air force and commercial pilots, professional photographers, military navigators and sharpshooters, law enforcement officers and others.


Dr. King has focused his whole career on vision correction surgery.

The surgeons of King LASIK are at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of refractive surgery. They were among the first surgeons to research and incorporate the use of excimer lasers to reshape the cornea in order to correct refractive errors — namely, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. As pioneers in their field, they have been asked to train other surgeons and deliver lectures in Canada and around the world. These surgeons are deeply committed to using their knowledge and experience, along with the latest technology, to deliver the best possible vision correction results to their patients.


More About King LASIK in the Tri Cities

When performing LASIK Seattle surgeon Joseph King uses only the latest custom wavefront technology. This exciting laser technology provides a highly accurate measurement of the corneal curvature and a customized laser ablation profile for each eye. King LASIK employs the most advanced diagnostic tools, including the Orbscan, which creates a three-dimensional image of the cornea and provides detailed information to help determine each patient's candidacy for LASIK surgery.

When it comes to the creation of the corneal flap, a necessary part of the LASIK procedure, King LASIK Tri Cities patients can choose between the traditional microkeratome blade and IntraLase technology. IntraLase technology uses ultra-fast pulses of laser light to create a precise, custom flap without any cutting. Studies have documented that "blade-free" LASIK performed with the IntraLase and a wavefront-guided treatment provides the very best postoperative vision.

Although the King LASIK surgeons are on the leading edge of laser vision correction technology, they are conservative in their approach to patient care. They have developed a reputation for superb surgical outcomes in part by recommending surgery for only the most ideal candidates. Moreover, in order to ensure patient safety, each staff member of King LASIK Tri Cities has been hand-selected and personally trained by King LASIK surgeons.

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More About the King LASIK Tri Cities Surgeon

Joseph W. King, MD, is a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen. Dr. King completed his medical degree at the University of British Columbia, School of Medicine in Vancouver, BC, and performed his residency in ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was selected as Chief Resident. To further enhance his skills, Dr. King underwent a one-year specialized training in laser vision correction at the University of South Florida Eye Institute.

Dr. King has focused his whole career on vision correction surgery. Having served as a clinical investigator for various research studies, in 2010 he became one of the first refractive surgeons in the world to perform laser vision correction surgery using the latest generation of custom wavefront-guided technology. In addition, he was the second surgeon in the world to perform surgery with one of the latest laser vision correction software programs.

Dr. King is remains at the forefront of leading-edge refractive surgery technologies. He was the first surgeon in the Northwestern U.S. and Canada to use the Zyoptix XP microkeratome and the Bausch and Lomb Z-100 laser. He performed the first surgery in Western North America using Zyoptix-TS software with the Bausch and Lomb laser. He also performed the first iLASIK procedure in Alberta using the IntraLase and AMO VISX laser with wavefront-guided technology and iris registration.

Dr. King is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a proud member of several professional organizations, including the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the Canadian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.


"I've been wearing glasses and contacts for 15 years. Dr. King and the staff at King LASIK made me feel relaxed and confident about the LASIK procedure. The day after, I had clear 20/15 vision and no pain. Recovery is so quick! The only thing I that I didn't do it SOONER. King LASIK is awesome!"

—Gillian Foote, 100.3FM The Bear Morning Show


"It's amazing how a few minutes completely changed my life! My fear was that my profession in dermatology is very visually oriented and after talking with Dr. King at King LASIK, I was educated about the technology that LASIK was possible for my vision. Clear vision is priceless and that's why I chose Dr. King to perform LASIK for me."

—Stephanie Traut, Dermatologist


"This surgery has changed my life forever. I am so grateful for the team at King LASIK for taking their time to answer all of my questions and really caring for me. It is such a great relief to be free from contacts and glasses each day of my active life. I would recommend King LASIK to anyone!"

—Stuart Anderson, Teacher


"Having clear eye sight is amazing to me. I see better now than I did with contacts. I always had dry eyes and was uncomfortable with contacts in and I didn't like the look or feel of glasses. I am excited about how my upcoming season will go with "new eyes." I wish I had done this years ago."

—Dan Dickau, NBA Player


"King LASIK is the place to go for LASIK. King LASIK uses NASA and Naval Aviator approved Blade-FREE Intralase LASIK. What if you move your eye? Well, they offer a tracking system on their lasers that automatically shuts off if your eye is off track. Trust your eyes to King LASIK."

—Adam Carolla, Nationally Syndicated Radio and TV Personality


"First of all, I thought that the entire staff was very affectionate and warm. They made the procedure feel safe and harmless but still provided the proper facts and possible risks. After treatment, colors are more vibrant and being able to fall asleep is an added bonus! I recommend King LASIK to everyone."

—Troy Hatt, Actor

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