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Ocean, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon and Union County, NJ

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About the LASIK Central New Jersey Directory

The listed Central NJ (Trenton, Westfield, Elizabeth, Union and Piscataway) laser eye surgery specialists all have completed extensive education and training, and are experienced in a variety of laser vision correction procedures. In addition to LASIK, many of these surgeons also perform other refractive laser procedures, such as LASEK, PRK and/or Epi-LASIK. These skilled Central Jersey LASIK surgeons sometimes recommend the latter two procedures for patients who wish to eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses but cannot undergo LASIK due to thin corneas and/or large pupils. Unlike LASIK surgery, PRK and Epi-LASIK surgeries do not require the creation of the corneal flap. This characteristic makes PRK and Epi-LASIK appropriate for a range of Central NJ LASIK patients. However, only a one-on-one consultation with one of these talented Central New Jersey LASIK surgeons can help you definitively determine if you are candidate for any of these treatments.

A Guide for Visiting Central New Jersey LASIK Patients

Most patients who undergo LASIK surgery in Central Jersey are able to resume their regular activities the day after their treatment. Many take advantage of this very short recovery time and combine LASIK surgery with a vacation exploring the natural beauty and attractions of the Jersey shore. This region features a unique ecosystem and is home to numerous species of protected plants, animals and birds. Jersey visitors can observe some of this wildlife by spending a couple of quiet hours at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Barnegat. This site offers several recreational activities, including bird watching, photography, fishing and hunting. Another excellent opportunity to learn more about the diverse flora and fauna of the Central Jersey shore and participate in environment protection efforts is to visit the Alliance for a Living Ocean at its Beach Haven location. This organization sponsors a variety of informational lectures, children's crafts activities and environment-friendly special events.

Pursuing Additional Cosmetic Enhancements in Central New Jersey (NJ)

Many LASIK New Jersey (Lakewood, Neptune, Toms River, Long Branch and Princeton) patients choose to combine this effective, convenient procedure with other cosmetic enhancements. A popular patient choice is to complement their enhanced eyesight with a beautiful smile makeover. If you would like to locate a skilled cosmetic dentist in New Jersey, visit our sister site, Consumer Guide to Dentistry. If you are wondering if plastic surgery in North Jersey can help you achieve your aesthetic dreams, peruse the pages of our Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery to find an experienced NJ liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift or other procedure specialist.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this LASIK Surgeon Directory, please call 858-454-5505 or email us.