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Dr. Edward L. Hedaya

Dr. Hedaya is a nationally ranked board-certified ophthalmologist with special expertise in refractive surgery and vision correction. He is an experienced surgeon and educator of eye surgery for more than fifteen years. Dr. Hedaya's leadership in laser eye surgery is highly regarded in the LASIK New Jersey community. He currently teaches laser vision correction surgery at the ClearSight Laser Center. The mission of Dr. Hedaya at InVision EyeCare is to provide the finest quality laser vision correction emphasizing individualized personal care. He uses the latest technologies that stress excellent, safe long-term results. Dr. Hedaya and the InVision staff have developed a well-deserved reputation for the quality of patient care. The extraordinary preparation and insight by Dr. Hedaya have provided the proper foundation for consistent excellent results. He cares about you as an individual, and it shows.

Dr. Hedaya is an expert in the most advanced
technologies and the most effective techniques.

LASIK Surgery at InVision EyeCare

Dr. Hedaya is the medical director and chief surgeon of InVision EyeCare. All InVision staff members have been handpicked and trained by Dr. Hedaya to focus on a refractive surgery philosophy of "quality not quantity." For laser vision correction surgery, Dr. Hedaya offers the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q, a leading-edge system that uses wavefront-optimized technology for individualized treatment and accurate vision correction results. Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser vision correction allows Dr. Hedaya to create a three-dimensional "map" of each patient's unique eye shape and refractive errors for a highly customized treatment. Besides personalized diagnostic information, the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser system offers unsurpassed speed and precision as well as eye tracking capability. In addition, Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser vision correction actually adapts to the unique curvature of each patient's eye, thereby reshaping it more closely to an ideal, natural eye shape and greatly reducing the possibility of certain vision problems following surgery.

Dr. Hedaya prefers the safer Surface Laser Procedures (PRK, LASEK) instead of the traditional corneal flap incision of LASIK. In addition, Dr. Hedaya performs the non-laser, non-incision, CK procedure for people who suffer from presbyopia, age-related loss of reading vision that usually affects individuals after the age of 40.

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ReSTOR IOL at InVision EyeCare

Dr. Hedaya also performs clear lens extraction with multi-focal lenses (giving both far and near vision) for non-laser candidates. He now offers the new ReSTOR IOL, recently approved by the FDA. This lens is designed specifically for correcting those patients who are older than 45 years of age who want to completely eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. In FDA clinical trials, 94 percent of the patients were able to read the newspaper and drive without glasses after ReSTOR implant surgery. This surgery is performed at the SeaShore Surgical Institute in Brick as an outpatient using ultramodern computer assisted cold phaco technologies for enhanced safety. Patients give high scores to the Institute's comfort level as well as its professional caring staff members.

Crystalens Premium IOL at InVision EyeCare

Dr. Hedaya can correct cataracts, a clouding of the lens, and presbyopia, loss of near vision, with the Crystalens intraocular lens implant (IOL). Crystalens is designed after the human eye and is the only accommodating IOL that is FDA-approved. “Accommodating” means that, as a patient focuses his or her vision, the Crystalens IOL flexes or accommodates in a way that is similar to a natural lens. In contrast to a multifocal lens that transmits several images and requires the brain to adapt to the differences, the Crystalens only focuses one image to the back of the eye. Few Crystalens patients have any trouble with halos, glare or night vision, and many patients remark that they do not need to wear glasses frequently or at all following the procedure.

Tecnis Premium IOL at InVision EyeCare

The Tecnis intraocular lens implant greatly improves vision following cataract surgery / lens extraction by lessening spherical aberration to nearly zero (spherical aberration occurs when light passes through an irregularly shaped lens that causes a patient’s eye to produce many focal points in the back of the eye, leading to a blurry image). With the Tecnis IOL, Dr. Hedaya places the device in the capsular bag that remains in the eye following cataracts surgery. Tecnis is the only FDA-approved IOL that is wavefront-designed, and is the only single-piece lens that has a ProTEC 360-degree barrier edge, frosted edges and the stability of Tri-Fix three-point formation.

Premium Toric IOL at InVision EyeCare

Dr. Hedaya uses premium Toric intraocular lens implants to correct or reduce astigmatism — a degree of blurred vision caused by either an irregularly shaped cornea or lens — following cataract surgery. “Toric” refers to the IOL’s design: it has two different curves in lieu of one. This helps to correct or reduce astigmatism while also correcting either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Toric IOLs may be made of acrylic or silicone material, and may involve an aspheric design to reduce spherical aberration resulting in problematic night vision, glare or halos. With Toric IOLs, many patients have increased freedom from prescriptive lenses.

More About Dr. Hedaya

Dr. Hedaya has a very warm and comforting personality. He received his medical degree from New York Medical College. His residency and fellowship training in ophthalmology was performed at the prestigious New York University Medical Center where he became a Clinical Instructor of Surgery He is a board-certified ophthalmologist scoring in the top 10 percent of all ophthalmologists on the national board examinations. Dr. Hedaya continually participates in important eye surgery seminars around the world. He is an active contributor to global web forums on LASIK. He is an active member in numerous ophthalmology organizations including the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the International College of Refractive Surgeons.

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