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Dr. Mark Weingarten
Dr. Mark Weingarten

Serving patients seeking cataract surgery with Crystalens, AcrySof ReSTOR, ReZoom IOLs in Detroit, Rochester and the surrounding areas

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Mark Weingarten, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in refractive and cataract surgery. Dr. Weingarten has been serving the Detroit and Rochester areas for more than a decade and has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the region. Combining his surgical talents with personalized care, he has helped hundreds of patients achieve clearer vision.

Dr. Weingarten provides individualized
treatment and exceptional surgical skill,
which ensure the best individualized
outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Weingarten performs cataract surgery with phacoemulsification. He begins the procedure with a small incision in the eye. Next, he utilizes sophisticated ultrasound technology to break apart the clouded lens, which is then carefully extracted through the incision. He finishes the procedure by replacing the clouded lens with an intraocular lens implant (IOL). Dr. Weingarten offers Crystalens, AcrySof ReSTOR and ReZoom IOLs. Crystalens is an accommodating lens that gently moves with the eye, improving its ability to change focus from near to distant objects, while AcrySof ReSTOR and ReZoom are multifocal IOLs, which correct for nearsightedness and age-related farsightedness (presbyopia). Thanks to these advanced intraocular lenses, patients can achieve better vision than ever before and often eliminate their dependence on eye glasses or contact lenses.

In addition to cataract surgery, Dr. Weingarten offers LASIK, LASEK, PRK, glaucoma treatment, retinal conditions treatment and general eye care.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Weingarten and learn more about your cataract surgery options, contact Rochester Eye Care at (877) 219-8303.

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What Do Patients Say About Dr. Weingarten?

Dr. Weingarten was
named a "Top Doc" by
Hour Detroit magazine
in 2008.

"I liked the professional and friendly demeanor of Dr. Weingarten and his staff. I thought the seminars and pre-op education I received were excellent. After 3 consults, I finally found a doctor I trust. I am telling everyone about how thrilled I am with my results." — ML

"I find it difficult to believe, but your staff knows me by name! This is the best thing I ever did for myself! I did not want to go to an assembly line surgery service. I wanted a doctor who would see me through the entire process and one who knows my eyes. The personalized service is great." — CN

Carefully selected staff at Rochester Eye Care
welcome you with the highest caliber
of professional care.

"The staff is very friendly. They answer all questions quickly and are very helpful in making me feel comfortable. The surgical staff is very in touch with the patient's feelings and does everything to make the patient calm and ready for the surgery. It was a very quick surgery with very little discomfort. Dr. Weingarten is a very thorough surgeon and his staff is extremely friendly and helpful." — WM

More About Mark Weingarten, MD

Mark Weingarten, MD, completed a medical degree at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit and an ophthalmology residency at Sinai Hospital of Detroit. He serves as a faculty member at the Crittenton Medical Center, the Beaumont Hospital, the Detroit Medical Center, the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Oakland and the North Oakland Medical Center. In addition, he is the Medical Director and Chief Surgeon at Rochester Eye Care. Dr. Weingarten is a member of several ophthalmology organizations, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Michigan Ophthalmic Society.

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