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Orlando Cataract Surgeons

Orlando cataract surgeons are accomplished ophthalmologists who have helped many Orlando eye care patients achieve optimal vision through advanced surgical techniques combined with the latest advances in implant lens technology. A cataract is a progressive clouding of the natural lens of the eye, leading to blurry vision. Many individuals over the age of 50 develop cataracts as part of the natural aging process. The only effective treatment against cataracts is surgical intervention, which involves the extraction of the eye’s natural lens.

Traditionally, patients who had their natural lens extracted were left with the burden of having to deal with traditional eyewear such as eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, today the natural lens is replaced by an artificial implant, also known as an intraocular lens implant (IOL), which leads to clear vision at most distances following cataract surgery. An eye surgeon is able to simultaneously remove the eye’s natural lens and implant an IOL as part of the same surgical procedure.

In addition, many Orlando eye surgeons also perform LASIK laser eye surgery, eyelid surgery and offer anti-aging facial rejuvenation treatments, including Botox injections.

Deciding Which IOL Is Right for You

Prior to your cataract surgery, your Orlando ophthalmologist will help you decide which IOL is the best choice for you based on your unique vision needs. Several types of IOLs are available to cataract surgery patients, including AcrySof ReSTOR, Tecnis Multifocal, Crystalens and AcrySof Toric, the latter of which corrects astigmatism. AcrySof ReSTOR is often the best option for patients who wish to obtain improved near and distance vision. Crystalens is the only accommodating IOL; designed to adjust to the eye’s focus, it allows you to see at most distances, often without the need for traditional eyewear. The best way to learn more about the different types of IOLs is to schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced eye surgeon in Orlando.

Traveling to Orlando to Undergo Cataract Surgery

Among top vacation destinations in Central Florida, Orlando is beloved for its theme parks, water parks, shopping malls, recreational activities, and of course, dining. It is home to Disney World and Gatorland, a one-of-a-kind, 110-acre theme park featuring hundreds of different species of alligators. Many also enjoy visiting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, where they can view ten-story high rockets, meet astronauts and see IMAX space films. For nature enthusiasts, Orlando is home to the Leu Gardens, a 50-acre botanical garden located just minutes from downtown. It features a historic museum house, several rose gardens, citrus orchards and a lake. Cataract surgery patients traveling to Orlando to undergo eye surgery are sure to have the time of their life, especially following surgery, when they will get to experience their new, clear vision. In the evening, visitors often go to the Universal CityWalk in Orlando, also known as "The Entertainment Capital of Orlando," the hottest spot for entertainment and exciting nightlife in the area. Universal CityWalk is a 30-acre entertainment complex where visitors get to experience some of Florida’s hottest night clubs, enjoy live music, and perhaps sing a song or two at a karaoke bar.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this Cataract Surgeon Directory,
please call 858-454-5505 or email us.

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