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Dr. Shobha Tandon
Dr. Shobha Tandon, MD, PhD
Stanford-trained Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon

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22 Years of Experience, More than 20,000 Happy Patients and Counting

Dr. Shobha Tandon, a Stanford-trained, award-winning ophthalmologist, is the medical director of NeoVision.

About Dr. Tandon

Dr. Shobha Tandon is a board certified ophthalmologist that performs advanced laser-assisted cataract surgery, all-laser custom iLASIK, and other vision correction procedures at NeoVision Eye Center. Trained at Stanford University, she was voted one of America's Top Ophthalmologists by the Consumers' Research Council of America and is trusted by over 20,000 patients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery?

Laser-assisted cataract surgery improves upon the safety and precision of traditional cataract surgery. A femtosecond laser is used to perform several key portions of the procedure. The procedure does not require injections or stitches and is virtually painless. After cataract removal, patients have their choice of intraocular lens implant (IOL), including monofocal IOLs and multifocal IOLs. Dr. Tandon consults with each patient individually to determine the most suitable plan of treatment.

Along with laser cataract surgery, Dr. Tandon is a trusted LASIK surgeon that can reduce her patients' dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses. And, she offers a full range of other medical and surgical ophthalmology services.

To schedule a personal cataract consultation with Dr. Tandon, please contact NeoVision Eye Center today.

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NeoVision Eye Center

NeoVision Eye Center has two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area: the original Mountain View office and the newer Union City office. Both are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with professional teams. A full range of medical, surgical, and optical services are offered at both locations. Dr. Tandon believes in using advanced technology to enhance the treatment experience and outcomes for her patients.

Cataract Surgery at NeoVision Eye Center

Laser-assisted cataract surgery is a short procedure that is very safe and virtually pain-free. Dr. Tandon uses a femtosecond laser to make tiny incisions on the surface of the eye to access the capsule that holds the lens. She breaks up the cataract-diseased lens into small pieces, which are gently suctioned from the eye. Then, Dr. Tandon replaces the lens with the chosen intraocular lens. Recovery from cataract surgery is short and the results typically stabilize within a week.

LASIK / Cataract Surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area

More about Dr. Tandon & NeoVision Eye Center

Shobha Tandon, MD, PhD, is a board certified ophthalmologist and the medical director at NeoVision Eye Center. She received doctorate degrees in medicine and biochemistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Tandon completed her ophthalmology residency program and served as chief resident at Stanford University. She is extensively published and receives frequent media exposure due to her high level of skill. Dr. Tandon has been named "Ophthalmologist of the Year" and has been selected as one of "America's Top Ophthalmologists" by the Consumers' Research Council of America; she has also received honors by America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals.

Thanks to Dr. Tandon and her team at NeoVision Eye Center, more than 20,000 people enjoy clearer vision and a better quality of life.

Patient Testimonials


"I just had cataract surgery on both eyes and my vision is 20/20. How amazing is that! Thanks to Dr Tandon. Previously I had Lasik surgery about nine years ago and that was great success too of course kudos to Dr Tandon. This time I also have bifocal lenses, which is just perfect. I can't say enough good things about Dr Tandon and her team, they always go the extra mile for your care. I thank them all for amazing service they have given me and my family. thank you Dr Tandon you did an amazing surgery on my eye. I had no pain. You and your staff are superb." —Kamaljit Gill


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"I had cataract surgery placing implant Multifocal Lens and saw a dramatic improvement to my vision: brighter, clearer, and more colorful. What a pleasure to read without glasses and not to have to ware Glasses any more. I was also diagnose with a eye astigmatism and was it was corrected with laser eye surgery the same day. From my experience as a patient at NeoVision Eye Center Dr. Tandon was very knowledgeable on how I should be seeing things and made me feel comfortable. The Surgery was easy, fast and I was able to see the change that Day." —D. Russo

"Very professional staff; Dr. Tandon was Very Personable, Professional and Highly Educated. Had Cataract Surgery (Multi-Focal lens Implants) in both eyes and now have 20/20 Vision. The operation was easy and simple & out in 45 Minutes. Been going to Dr. Tandon for over 20 years and travel a long ways to see her. Great experience, I highly recommend her." —Kathleen Russo

"The experience I had at NeoVision was above perfection. I was getting the multi-focal lens surgery, and both Dr. Shobha and all of the nurses working with me through the procedure were so polite and helpful. Honestly, I don't think it could've been better in any way." —Monesa Haider

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