Hani Sakla, MBChB, MSc, MD, PhD (Spain)
Mohammad Abdulhafez, MD (Cairo), MSc (Cairo), FRCS (Edinburgh)
Wassim Altroudi, MBChB, AFSA (France)
Yara Lteif, MD, Ophth. Specialist (Beirut), AFS, AFSA (France)
Gonzalo Munoz, MD, PhD (Spain)

Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center

Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center

Jumeirah Beach R/D, Behind the Village Mall, Villa 32 A, Jumeirah 1
Dubai, Unites Arab Emirates

971 4 344 01 22

Dr. Hani Sakla
Dr. Hani

Dr. Mohammad Abdulhafez
Dr. Mohammad

Dr. Wassim Altroudi
Dr. Wassim

Dr. Yara Lteif
Dr. Yara

Dr. Gonzalo Munoz
Dr. Gonzalo

Cataract Surgery – Serving patients seeking cataract removal surgery in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding area

At Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center, the talented Abu Dhabi laser eye surgeons have more than 30 years of collective international eye care experience. Dr. Hani Sakla, Dr. Wassim Altroudi, Dr. Yara Lteif, Dr. Mohammad Abdulhafez and Dr. Gonzalo Munoz have been involved in developing cataract and other surgical techniques in numerous countries worldwide. Combining this extensive knowledge with an attentive manner, they are able to provide patients with advanced cataract removal surgery with premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs), in addition to other vision correction procedures and eye care services. Under the leadership of the practice's founder, Dr. Sakla, the surgeons and staff at Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center deliver exceptional eye care with excellent results.

The ophthalmologists at Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center perform a procedure called "no-stitch, micro-incision" cataract removal surgery whenever possible (medically appropriate). They first apply topical anesthetic drops to the eye for patient comfort. The eye surgeons then begin the surgery by creating a minute incision on the side of the cornea, through which they gently break up the cataractous (cloudy) natural lens. Next, they carefully remove the cloudy pieces of lens before inserting an IOL through the initial incision. The IOL provides patients with clear vision after surgery. Following cataract surgery, the incision in the eye will naturally heal without a need for stitches.

Cataract removal surgery is simple and painless. The entire surgical treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes for both eyes. Patients can usually resume their normal activities the day after surgery. Individuals who have undergone cataract surgery at Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center generally remark that they can see clearly at multiple distances and no longer have a daily dependence on prescription glasses or contact lenses.

In addition to cataract surgery, Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center offers LASIK with the OptiLASIK™ laser, general eye care services, eyelid surgery, and treatment of glaucoma, diabetic eye conditions, keratoconus, chronic dry eye and many other bothersome eye conditions.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with a leading eye surgeon and learn more about your laser vision correction options, please contact Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center by calling 971 4 344 01 22 today.

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More About the Eye Surgeons at Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center

Hani Sakla, MBChB, MSc, MD, PhD (Spain), graduated with top honors from Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine in Cairo. He fulfilled his ophthalmology training at the Research Institute of Ophthalmology (RIO) in Giza before obtaining a master's degree in ophthalmology at the same institution. He later held the position of assistant lecturer of ophthalmology at RIO, as well. Dr. Sakla then earned his doctorate in ophthalmology at the University of Miguel Hernandez in Alicante, graduating with the highest honors of apto cum laude (the equivalent of "summa cum laude" in the United States).

Dr. Sakla is the founder and medical director of Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center. He has had many studies published in international peer-reviewed journals, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Journal of Ophthalmology (for which he also serves as a reviewer), the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery's Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the International Society of Refractive Surgery's Journal of Refractive Surgery, as well as many other publications. He also serves as chairman of the Emirates Medical Association's scientific committee and is a reviewer for the same association's medical journal. Dr. Sakla is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the International Society of Refractive Surgery, and many other professional organizations.

Wassim Altroudi, MBChB, AFSA (France), earned his medical degree from the Medical School in Damascus (Syria) before starting ophthalmology training at the Eye Surgical Hospital in Damascus. He fulfilled his general ophthalmology training, as well as a subspecialty in anterior segment surgery, in France. Dr. Altroudi's special interests include phacoemulsion and IOLs, refractive surgery and phakic IOLs surgery, corneal surgery, and keratoconus refractive procedures, among many others.

Yara Lteif, MD, Ophth. Specialist (Beirut), AFS, AFSA (France), earned her medical degree from St. Joseph University's Faculty of Medicine in Beirut before starting her ophthalmology training at Hotel-Dieu in France. She next completed ophthalmology internships at the Centre Hospitalier National des Quinze-Vingt and the St. Joseph Hospital and Rothschild Foundation Glaucoma Center, both in Paris. Dr. Lteif then received a certificate of specialized training from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris 6). She holds a diploma in glaucoma from l'Université d'Angers, and a diploma in infectious and inflammatory eye diseases from l'Université Paris 7 – Denis Diderot. Dr. Lteif is a Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology. She speaks fluent Arabic, English and French.

Mohammad Abdulhafez, MD (Cairo), MSc (Cairo), FRCS (Edinburgh), earned his master's and medical degrees in Cairo before becoming a consultant in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery at the National Eye Hospital in Cairo. He also received certification as a consultant in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery from Magrabi Eye Hospitals in Egypt. He later earned visiting consultant status in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Morocco. Dr. Abdulhafez currently serves as a reviewer for the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS).

Gonzalo Munoz, MD, PhD (Spain), obtained certification as a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at the Hospital Valencia al Mar's Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery and Anterior Segment Unit in Spain. Dr. Munoz earned his PhD at the University of Valencia, also in Spain. Dr. Munoz serves as a fully registered medical practitioner with specialist registration in ophthalmology in both the United Kingdom and Spain. He is a Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology (FEBO). In addition, Dr. Munoz belongs to the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology.

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