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Dr. Steven J. Dell
Dr. Steven J. Dell

Serving patients seeking cataract surgery with premium, multifocal and accommodating lens implants (IOLs) in Austin and the surrounding area

Dr. Dell performing LASER Cataract Surgery

Steven J. Dell, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and a world-renowned lecturer, author, and eye surgeon who has helped countless patients from Texas and around the world obtain better vision. He is the Medical Director of Dell Laser Consultants, a state-of-the-art vision correction facility dedicated to providing outstanding medical and surgical care. Dr. Dell was the second surgeon in the United States to perform the latest laser cataract surgery. He was also the original investigator in the FDA trials for Crystalens and has trained more than 500 other eye surgeons on how to use this technology. Dr. Dell is currently the Chief Medical Editor of the prestigious Advanced Ocular Care journal. He is also an internationally recognized inventor whose patented surgical instruments are currently being used by other eye surgeons around the world. Dr. Dell has been named one of the "Top 50 Opinion Leaders" by Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today for several years running. He has also been named a "Super Doctor" by Texas Monthly magazine, one of "Austin's Best Doctors" by Austin Monthly magazine, and one of "America's Top Ophthalmologists" by the Consumers' Research Council of America.

Dr. Dell named one of the 34 best Ophthal-
mologists in America by Becker's ASC Review.

Dr. Dell was elected
one of the Top Fifty
Opinion Leaders in
the Field of
Cataract and
Refractive Surgery.

Dr. Dell and his staff realize that each patient has only one set of eyes and are therefore determined to treat them with the very best of care. This is why Dr. Dell performs the most advanced cataract surgery techniques, including self-sealing, micro-incision cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery. He is a consultant for LenSx, the maker of surgical lasers for laser-assisted cataract surgery, and therefore has early access to the latest, FDA-approved technologies.

During cataract surgery, Dr. Dell first creates a self-sealing micro-incision in the eye and extracts the eye's cataract-diseased crystalline lens. He then uses the most sophisticated intraocular lens implants (IOLs) to replace the lens, thereby restoring the patient's clear vision. Dr. Dell offers state-of-the-art IOLs, including AcrySof ReSTOR, Tecnis Multifocal and the accommodating Crystalens. He is also well-versed in placing toric lenses for astigmatism correction. Dr. Dell's Austin cataract patients who receive multifocal or accommodating lenses are able to achieve crystal-clear vision at multiple distances, often without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Dell also performs refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery for patients who do not suffer from cataracts but wish to achieve clear vision and reduce their dependence on corrective eyewear.

Dell Laser Consultants incorporates the finest refractive surgery technologies with a highly trained and caring professional staff. Dr. Dell's outstanding medical care and surgical skill are frequently sought after by other physicians as well as current and former professional athletes, nationally known celebrities and politicians.

Dr. Dell has been featured in various publications.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Dell and learn more about your vision correction options, please call Dell Laser Consultants at (877) 833-9078.

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What Do Patients and Fellow Doctors Say About Dell Laser Consultants?

"I have been an optometrist for nearly 20 years. I have worked with Dr. Steven Dell, sending him patients for roughly 15 years. Over the years, I have sent him some of my more difficult surgical challenges in addition to several refractive surgery patients.

I have discovered a few things that I really like about Dr. Dell and his organization. The most important thing I have discovered is that they will only do refractive surgery when everything is 100% right. I have had a few instances where I referred a patient for surgery and thought they were a great candidate but upon final testing at the surgery center, one measurement was not quite right and so either surgery was cancelled or postponed. In other words, there was a question about whether or not the patient was a good candidate. Other surgery centers would have done the surgery regardless, I know, but DLC did not. I like that. That is why I trust this center." —Hans Oosterbaan, OD

"I never cut corners in my training for the Olympics, so when I met with Dell...I knew it was the right fit. Dr. Dell, Dr. Cunningham, and staff were so professional in educating me...that I was completely comfortable with having the procedure. When you have dealt with the disadvantages of contacts for over 15 years and now you can wake up in the morning and immediately attack your day, LASIK will change your life and the way you live it." —Brendan Hansen, Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist

"My vision was exceptional most of my life so when it started going bad it seemed to get worse quickly. I never could get comfortable with contacts and I hated wearing glasses, so after some pretty extensive research I chose Dell Laser Consultants to do my procedure. I firmly believe that I made the correct choice. The procedure I chose was a little more expensive than what you can find elsewhere but was well worth it. I believe you get what you pay for. Besides the first class treatment I received, I couldn't have asked for a better experience." —Scott Purtle, F-16 Fighter Pilot and AH-1 Attack Helicopter Pilot

Dr. Dell has been named
a "Super Doctor" by Texas
Monthly Magazine for the
5th straight year.

More About Steven J. Dell, MD

Steven J. Dell, MD, graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin. He attended Baylor College of Medicine and went on to perform post-doctoral training at Baylor and Tulane University. Dr. Dell was named Chief Resident of the Ophthalmology Department by the Tulane University faculty. Dr. Dell currently serves as Medical Director of Dell Laser Consultants and Director of Refractive and Corneal Surgery at Texan Eye in Austin. He is committed to continuing education and strongly believes in his work in the development and refinement of new surgical instruments and techniques. In addition to authoring numerous textbooks, Dr. Dell frequently helps other eye surgeons advance their surgical proficiency in the field of laser and refractive surgery. Dr. Dell is affiliated with many professional organizations, including the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and, the American Academy of Ophthalmology. In 2010, he was named President-Elect of the American College of Ophthalmic Surgery.

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